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2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 1 January (32).pdf.jpg2016Treatment of Mature Permanent Teeth with Necrotic Pulps and Apical Periodontitis Using Regenerative Endodontic Procedures : A Case SeriesSaoud, Tarek Mohamed; Martin, Gabriela; Chen, Yea-huey M; Chen, Kuang-liang; Chen, Chao-an; Songtrakul, Kamolthip; Malek, Matthew; Sigurdsson, Asgeir
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 4 April (17).pdf.jpg2016Calcium Hypochlorite Solutions : Evaluation of Surface Tension and Effect of Different Storage Conditions and Time Periods over pH and Available Chlorine ContentCarlotto, Israel Bangel; Luisi, Simone Bonato
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 4 April (5).pdf.jpg2016Variability in Capsaicin-stimulated Calcitonin Gene-related Peptide Release from Human Dental PulpBurns, Lorel E; Ramsey, Austin A; Emrick, Joshua J; Janal, Malvin N; Gibbs, Jennifer L
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 6 July (15).pdf.jpg2016Bactericidal Effect of Strong Acid Electrolyzed Water against Flow Enterococcus faecalis BiofilmsCheng, Xiaogang; Tian, Yu; Zhao, Chunmiao; Qu, Tiejun
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 6 July (21).pdf.jpg201612-month Healing Rates after Endodontic Therapy Using the Novel GentleWave System : A Prospective Multicenter Clinical StudySigurdsson, Asgeir; Garland, Randy W; Le, Khang T; Woo, Stacey M
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 2 February (2).pdf.jpg2016Combined Endodontic Therapy and Intentional Replantation for the Treatment of Palatogingival GrooveAbella, Francesc; Ordinola-zapata, Ronald
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 2 February (29).pdf.jpg2016Systemically Transplanted Bone Marrow – derived Cells Contribute to Dental Pulp Regeneration in a Chimeric Mouse ModelXu, Wenan; Jiang, Shan; Chen, Qiuyue; Ye, Yanyan
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 2 February (26).pdf.jpg2016Root Canal Surface Strain and Canal Center Transportation Induced by 3 Different Nickel-Titanium RotaryMds, Wenzhe Liu; Mds, Buling Wu
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 2 February (8).pdf.jpg2016Apically Extruded Sealers : Fate and Influence on TreatmentRicucci, Domenico; Loghin, Simona
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 2 February (4).pdf.jpg2016Evaluation and Reduction of Artifacts Generated by 4 Different Root-end Filling Materials by Using Multiple Cone-beam Computed Tomography Imaging SettingsHelvacioglu-yigit, Dilek; Kocasarac, Husniye Demirturk
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 6 July (22).pdf.jpg2016Enterococcus faecalis Lipoteichoic Acid – induced NLRP3 Inflammasome via the Activation of the Nuclear Factor Kappa B PathwayWang, Lina; Jin, Haiwei; Ye, Dandan; Wang, Jiaojiao; Ao, Xiang
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 6 June (6).pdf.jpg2016Fatigue Resistance of a 3-dimensional Conforming Nickel-Titanium Rotary Instrument in Double CurvaturesShen, Ya; Hieawy, Ahmed; Huang, Xiangya
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 4 April (29).pdf.jpg2016AAE ANNOUNCES WINNERS OF 2016 JOE AWARDS-
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 3 March (8).pdf.jpg2016Recombinant Amelogenin Protein Induces Apical Closure and Pulp Regeneration in Open-apex , Nonvital Permanent Canine TeethMounir, Maha M F; Matar, Moustafa A; Lei, Yaping
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 1 January (30).pdf.jpg2016The Effect of Foraminal Enlargement of Necrotic Teeth with the Reciproc System on Postoperative Pain : A Prospective and Randomized Clinical TrialRocha, Pedro; Fontana, Carlos Eduardo; Guimar, Daniel; Eduardo, Carlos
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 6 July (7).pdf.jpg2016Clinical Investigation of Matrix Metalloproteinases , Tissue Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinases , and Matrix Metalloproteinase / Tissue Inhibitors of Matrix Metalloproteinase Complexes and Their Networks in Apical PeriodontitisTeixeira, F C; Martinho, Frederico C; Cardoso, G R; Nascimento, Gustavo G
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 6 July (28).pdf.jpg2016Charitable TrustWheeler, Tameika; Wolanek, Gary A; Woo, Nelson G; Acheson, D Wayne; Amato, Robert B; Augsburger, Robert A; Breeland, Nona I; Carlson, Edward H; Cohen, Philip W; Sr, Gerald C Dietz; Glass, Michael A; Hansen, Ronald C; Jr, Robert W Hawkinson; Hickey, Martin D; Javelet, Jeffrey M; Keating, Kevin M; Law, Alan S; Levy, Thomas A; Longwill, Dennis G; Maddox, David L; Mcclanahan, Scott B; Michaelson, Phillip L; Musselwhite, James M; Odom, Mark A; Oglesby, Samuel W; Olmsted, John S; Ott, Terry W; Pisano, Jerome V; Powell, William D; Proctor, Martha E; Reames, Robert L; Roth, William C; Iii, Denis E Simon; Siroky, Charles L; Spatafore, Clara M; Stewart, Douglas W; Taylor, Patrick E; Turner, Terrence V; Wenckus, Christopher S; Whitaker, David D; Zenk, Darrell W; Mcmurphy, John S; Luiten, Douglas J; Keir, Daniel M; Siry, Richard A; Stropko, John J; Lightfoot, John P; Rhodes, S Craig; Mark, Michael L; Mauger, Michael J; Alley, Larry W; Barfield, Robert D; Jr, H John Caprara; Cissell, Darin V; Clanton, David W; Clinton, Kenan D; Coar, T Madelyn; Daugherty, M Shannon; Hearn, Joel P; Hill, Robert L; Hunter, Schuyler F; Jefferson, Kathy L; Key, Jennifer E; Kerbl, Frank M; Jr, B Franklin Kimbell; King, Thomas P; Looney, William B; Martin, Rebecca L; Mccrary, William Paul; Mcmanus, Christopher S; Jr, Lawrence G Miller; Mills, John C; Mims, S Park; Morgan, Richard W; Morris, Frank B; A, Stephen R Price; Schrock, Benjamin L; Slaton, Kendall; Smorang, Terry J; Sutton, Donald W; Tschudin, John R; Weinacker, Gerard G; Whatley, Jenny; Roda, Robert S; A, Joseph S Dovgan; A, Howard Sorenson; A, Susan L Wood; Morrison, Scott; A, Karen Panietz; Tyler, Kenneth D; Frost, Steven L; A, Jason J Hales; A, Mark A Kerr; Smith, John P; A, Ronald L Steinbrunner; Campbell, A Dean; Coleman, Steven L; Colorado, Claudia P; Foley, David B; Funk, Daniel B; Galvez, Marco V; Gray, Richard J; Hanna, Dennis E; Iii, Dean M Hauseman; Silver, Gary K; Simpson, Michael; Sluyk, Steven R; Tonioli, Matthew B; Gartman, Larry A; Hiatt, James; Kauffman, Luke B; Pearson, Kenneth E; Frank, Terri; Buchanan, L Stephen; Carr, Gary B; Casanova, Frank; Blethen, Fleur; Hanson, Eugene C; Holley, Gabriel; Hoskins, John M; Jurosky, Kathryn; Finley, Kurtis; A, Steven Kallman; Cote, Dominic; Cree, Laurence; Cutler, Maurice; Dailey, Branden; Dang, Michelle K
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 3 March (26).pdf.jpg2016Ultrasound Stimulation of Different Dental Stem Cell Populations : Role of Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase SignalingGao, Qianhua; Walmsley, A Damien; Cooper, Paul R; Scheven, Ben A
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 6 July (20).pdf.jpg2016A Comparison of Cone-beam Computed Tomography with Periapical Radiography in the Detection of Separated Instruments Retained in the Apical Third of Root Canal – filled TeethRosen, Eyal; Venezia, Nuphar Blau; Azizi, Hadas; Kamburoglu, Kivanc; Meirowitz, Avi; Ziv-baran, Tomer
2016 JOE Volume 42 Issue 6 June (7).pdf.jpg2016Clinical Trial of Efficiency of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs in the ControlPain, Post-endodontic; Elzaki, Wail M; Ord, F F D; Abubakr, Neamat H; Ibrahim, Yahia E