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2018 AJRCCM Volume 197 Issue 1 January  (12).pdf.jpg2018The z -Score Does Not Predict Mortality Because of Confounding by Age To the Editor : We read the article by Tejero and colleagues ( 1 ) with great interest . Global Initiative for Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease guidelines From the Authors :
2017 PCNA Volume 64 Issue 4 August (13).pdf.jpg2017Z i k a V i r u s In f e c t i o n Zika Microcephaly Congenital Mosquito Travel Sexual transmissionShirley, Debbie-ann T
9781437708813.pdf.jpg2012Zakim and Boyer s hepatologyBoyer, Thomas D ; Manns, Michael P ; Michael Peter ; Sanyal, Arun J ; Zakim, David
1416032584.pdf.jpg2006Zakim and Boyer s hepatology :Boyer, Thomas D ; Manns, Michael P ; Michael Peter ; Wright, Teresa L ; Zakim, David
9781416032588.pdf.jpg2006Zakim and Boyer s hepatology :Boyer, Thomas D ; Manns, Michael P ; Michael Peter ; Wright, Teresa L ; Zakim, David
medicine article ze (242).pdf.jpg2014ZBTB16 induces osteogenic differentiation marker genes in dental follicle cells independent from RUNX2.Felthaus, Oliver; Gosau, Martin; Morsczeck, Christian
2009ZBTB2, a novel master regulator of the p53 pathway-
2009ZBTB2, a novel master regulator of the p53 pathway-
2012Zcchc11 Uridylates Mature miRNAs to Enhance Neonatal IGF-1 Expression, Growth, and SurvivalBlahna, Matthew T.; Kozlowski, Elyse; Matsuura, Kori Y.; Quinton, Lee J.; Jones, Matthew R.; Ferrari, Joseph D.; Morris, Samantha A; Powers, John T; Daley, George Quentin; Mizgerd, Joseph P.
2008Zeatin supplement improves scopolamine-induced memory impairment in mice-
9780123748140.pdf.jpg2011The zebrafishDetrich, H William ; Westerfield, Monte ; Zon, Leonard I
2007Zebrafish orthologs of human muscular dystrophy genesSteffen, Leta S; Guyon, Jeffrey R; Vogel, Emily D; Beltre, Rosanna; Pusack, Timothy J; Zon, Leonard Ira; Zhou, Yi; Kunkel, Louis Martens
2017 DC Volume 43 Issue 6 December (5).pdf.jpg2017Zebrafish Regulatory T Cells Mediate Organ-Specific Regenerative ProgramsHui, Subhra P.; Sheng, Delicia Z.; Sugimoto, Kotaro; Gonzalez-Rajal, Alvaro; Nakagawa, Shinichi; Hesselson, Daniel; Kikuchi, Kazu
2008Zebrafish VEGF Receptors: A Guideline to NomenclatureBussmann, Jeroen; Lawson, Nathan; Schulte-Merker, Stefan; Zon, Leonard Ira; Zebrafish Nomenclature Committee
2017 NEJM Volume 377 Issue 22 November (11).pdf.jpg2017Zenker’s DiverticulumLe Mouel, Jean-Philippe; Fumery, Mathurin
2016 JAMA Volume 315 Issue 15 April (7).pdf.jpg2016Zero Pain Is Not the GoalLee, Thomas H
2017 WST Volume 75 Issue 3 February (23).pdf.jpg2017Zero valent metal loaded silica nanoparticles for the removal of TNT from waterMangal, Harsha; Saxena, Amit; Shukla, Nivedita; Rai, P. K.; Rawat, a. S.; Kumar, Vivek; Gupta, Vatsana; Datta, Monika
2017 WST Volume 76 Issue 9 November (20).pdf.jpg2017Zero-valent aluminum-mediated degradation of Bisphenol A in the presence of common oxidantsDogan, M; Ozturk, T
2016 LANCET Volume 387 Issue 10037 June (34).pdf.jpg2016Zika : neurological and ocular fi ndings in infant without microcephalyVentura, Camila V; Maia, Mauricio; Dias, Natalia; Ventura, Liana O; Jr, Rubens Belfort
2016 LANCET Volume 388 Issue 10047 September (33).pdf.jpg2016Zika and histopathology in fi rst trimester infectionsWerneck, Guilherme Loureiro