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medicine article za (26).pdf.jpg2013E 1409Boivin, Michael J; Bangirana, Paul; Nakasujja, Noeline; Page, Connie F; Shohet, Cilly; Givon, Deborah; Bass, Judith K; Opoka, Robert O; Klein, Pnina S
2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 1 January (36).pdf.jpg2017E Ayubi-
2017 AA Volume 125 Issue 2 August (12).pdf.jpg2017E ECHO ROUNDSIp, Shoane; Matalanis, George
medicine article zt (38).pdf.jpg2014E ff e c t i v e C o m m u n i c a t i o n w i t h P r i m a r y C a re P ro v i d e r s Hospitalist Primary care provider Discharge CommunicationSmith, Karen
2017 JD Volume 66 November (3).pdf.jpg2017The e ff ect of metal ions released from di ff erent dental implant-abutment couples on osteoblast function and secretion of bone resorbing mediators ☆Alrabeah, Ghada O; Brett, Peter; Knowles, Jonathan C; Petridis, Haralampos
2017 JD Volume 65 October (12).pdf.jpg2017The e ff ect of prosthetic rehabilitation and simple dietary counseling on food intake and oral health related quality of life among the edentulous individuals : A randomized controlled trialAmagai, Noriko; Komagamine, Yuriko; Kanazawa, Manabu; Iwaki, Maiko; Jo, Ayami; Suzuki, Hiroyuki; Minakuchi, Shunsuke
2017 JD Volume 62 July (9).pdf.jpg2017The e ff ectiveness of adhesives on the retention of mandibular free end saddle partial dentures : An in vitro studyQuiney, Daniel; Ayre, Wayne Nishio; Milward, Paul
2017 JD Volume 66 November (13).pdf.jpg2017E ff ects of small-grit grinding and glazing on mechanical behaviors and ageing resistance of a super-translucent dental zirconiaLai, Xuan; Si, Wenjie; Jiang, Danyu; Sun, Ting; Shao, Longquan; Deng, Bin
2017 JD Volume 66 November (12).pdf.jpg2017E ff ects of smear layer removal agents on the physical properties and microstructure of mineral trioxide aggregate cementVasudev, Nidambur; Sona, Mrunali; Tay, Franklin R
medicine article zl (240).pdf.jpg2014E ff ects of vitamin D supplements on bone mineral density : a systematic review and meta-analysisReid, Ian R; Bolland, Mark J; Grey, Andrew
2017 JD Volume 66 November (2).pdf.jpg2017E ff ects on HbA1c in diabetic patients of adjunctive use of systemic antibiotics in nonsurgical periodontal treatment : A systematic reviewLira, Ronaldo; Moura, Caroline De; Santos, Martins; Heloisa, Branca; Guimarães, Ricardo; Paula, Ana; Santos, Pires
medicine article l (36).pdf.jpg2014E FOCUSED REVIEWS IN OBSTETRIC ANESTHESIA Prevention of Peri-Induction Hypertension in Preeclamptic Patients : A Focused ReviewPant, Melissa; Fong, Robert; Scavone, Barbara
2015 Volume 120 Issue 6 June (40).pdf.jpg2015E Guest ReviewersMark, J; Ii, Applegate; Iv, Brown
2015 Volume 120 Issue 5 May (42).pdf.jpg2015E Letter to the Editor-
2017 AA Volume 125 Issue 4 October (59).pdf.jpg2017E letters to the editor-
2017 AA Volume 125 Issue 4 October (122).pdf.jpg2017E letters to the editor-
2017 PCNA Volume 64 Issue 5 October (12).pdf.jpg2017E n d - o f - L i f e an d B e rea ve men t C are i n P e d i a t r i c I n t e n s i v e C a re U n i t sSuttle, Markita L; Jenkins, Tammara L; Tamburro, Robert F
medicine article zs (18).pdf.jpg2015E n d - o f - L i f e C a re i n Pe d i a t r i c sBasu, Rajit K
medicine article zs (18).pdf.jpg2015E n d - o f - L i f e C a re i n Pe d i a t r i c sBasu, Rajit K
2016 PCNA Volume 63 Issue 4 August (9).pdf.jpg2016E n d o c r i n e D i s o rd e r s i n Cystic Fibrosis Diabetes Osteoporosis Short stature Hypogonadism HypoglycemiaBlackman, Scott M; Tangpricha, Vin