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medicine article za (26).pdf.jpg2013E 1409Boivin, Michael J; Bangirana, Paul; Nakasujja, Noeline; Page, Connie F; Shohet, Cilly; Givon, Deborah; Bass, Judith K; Opoka, Robert O; Klein, Pnina S
2018 EHJ Volume 39 Issue 8 February (14).pdf.jpg2018e 6 . 5 million award to study impact of ECMO on myocardial infarction patients-
2018 HOCNA Volume 32 Issue 6 December (3).pdf.jpg2018E a r ly Det ec t i o n o f Ova ri a n CancerElias, Kevin M; Zarrow, Gaye Lynn
2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 1 January (36).pdf.jpg2017E Ayubi-
2017 AA Volume 125 Issue 2 August (12).pdf.jpg2017E ECHO ROUNDSIp, Shoane; Matalanis, George
medicine article zt (38).pdf.jpg2014E ff e c t i v e C o m m u n i c a t i o n w i t h P r i m a r y C a re P ro v i d e r s Hospitalist Primary care provider Discharge CommunicationSmith, Karen
2018 JournalofDentistry Volume 73 June (6).pdf.jpg2018E ff ect of an experimental mouth rinse containing NaF and TiF 4 on tooth erosion and abrasion in situSouza, Beatriz Martines De; Rodrigues, Larissa; Santi, Pereira; Silva, Mayara De Souza; Afonso, Marília; Buzalaf, Rabelo; Magalhães, Ana Carolina
2018 JD Volume 71 April (4).pdf.jpg2018E ff ect of dentin hypersensitivity treatment on oral health related quality of life — A systematic review and meta-analysisDouglas-de-oliveira, Dhelfeson Willya; Pereira, Glayson; Oliveira, Juliana; Castro, Carolina; Oliveira, Fernando; Otávio, Luís; Cota, Miranda
2018 JD Volume 69 February (5).pdf.jpg2018E ff ect of dentin roughness on the adhesive performance in non-carious cervical lesions : A double-blind randomized clinical trialLoguercio, Alessandro D; Luque-martinez, Issis Virginia; Fuentes, Sebastian; Reis, Alessandra; Angel, Miguel
2018 JournalofDentistry Volume 73 June (15).pdf.jpg2018The e ff ect of dentine pre-treatment using bioglass and / or polyacrylic acid on the interfacial characteristics of resin-modi fi ed glass ionomer cementsSauro, Salvatore; Watson, Timothy; Pascual, Agustin; Luzi, Arlinda; Pinheiro, Victor; Banerjee, Avijit
2017 JD Volume 66 November (3).pdf.jpg2017The e ff ect of metal ions released from di ff erent dental implant-abutment couples on osteoblast function and secretion of bone resorbing mediators ☆Alrabeah, Ghada O; Brett, Peter; Knowles, Jonathan C; Petridis, Haralampos
2018 JournalofDentistry Volume 73 June (7).pdf.jpg2018E ff ect of phytate and zinc ions on fl uoride toothpaste e ffi cacy using an in situ caries modelParkinson, Charles R; Burnett, Gary R; Creeth, Jonathan E; Lynch, Richard J M; Budhawant, Chandrashekhar; Lippert, Frank; Hara, Anderson T; Zero, Domenick T
2017 JD Volume 65 October (12).pdf.jpg2017The e ff ect of prosthetic rehabilitation and simple dietary counseling on food intake and oral health related quality of life among the edentulous individuals : A randomized controlled trialAmagai, Noriko; Komagamine, Yuriko; Kanazawa, Manabu; Iwaki, Maiko; Jo, Ayami; Suzuki, Hiroyuki; Minakuchi, Shunsuke
2018 JournalofDentistry Volume 73 June (8).pdf.jpg2018E ff ect of shading technique and thickness on color stability and translucency of new generation translucent zirconiaAlp, Gülce; Gülce, Meryem; Seghi, Robert R; Johnston, William M; Yilmaz, Burak
2018 JD Volume 78 November (5).pdf.jpg2018E ff ect of simulated intraosseous sinusoidal pressure on NaOCl extrusionCai, Xue; Wang, Xiao-yan; Santarcangelo, Filippo; Schoe, G John; Bergeron, Brian E
2018 JournalofDentistry Volume 72 May (6).pdf.jpg2018E ff ect of the application of surface treatments before and after sintering on the fl exural strength , phase transformation and surface topography of zirconiaKurtulmus-yilmaz, Sevcan; Aktore, Huseyin
2018 JD Volume 71 April (5).pdf.jpg2018E ff ect of thickness on optical properties of monolithic CAD-CAM ceramicsGülce, Meryem; Alp, Gülce; Johnston, William M; Yilmaz, Burak
2018 JD Volume 70 March (19).pdf.jpg2018The e ff ect on dental enamel of the frequency of consumption of fl uoridated milk with a cariogenic challenge in situMalinowski, M; Toumba, K J; Stra, S M; Duggal, M S
2017 JD Volume 62 July (9).pdf.jpg2017The e ff ectiveness of adhesives on the retention of mandibular free end saddle partial dentures : An in vitro studyQuiney, Daniel; Ayre, Wayne Nishio; Milward, Paul
2018 JD Volume 78 November (2).pdf.jpg2018E ff ectiveness of prosthodontic interventions and survival of remaining teeth in adult patients with shortened dental arches — A systematic reviewMclister, Conor; Donnelly, Michael; Cardwell, Christopher R; Moore, Ciaran; Neill, Ciaran O; Brocklehurst, Paul; Mckenna, Gerald