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200660세 이상에서 발생하는 류마티스관절염의 임상 특성-
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 1 January (41).pdf.jpg201761: Cardiac dysfunction in preeclampsia is present at diagnosis and persists postpartumLevine, Lisa Danielle; Downes, Katheryne L.; Arany, Zolt; Ky, Bonnie; Elovitz, Michal a.
medicine article zn (252).pdf.jpg2013A 63-Year-Old Man with Paresthesias and Difficulty Swallowing-
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 1 January (42).pdf.jpg201763: Assisted reproductive technology and pediatric neoplasms- results of a population based cohort of up to 18 yearsWainstock, Tamar; Walfisch, Asnat; Shoham -Vardi, Ilana; Segal, Idit; Harlev, Avi; Sergienko, Ruslan; Sheiner, Eyal
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 2 March (33).pdf.jpg201763: Using the questionnaire for urinary incontinence diagnosis as screening tool in low resource settingsMehta, S.; Wallace, S.; Desrosiers, L.; Shirazian, T.
200864열 심장 다절편 CT에서 발견되는 비심장 소견: 흉부 CT와의 비교-
medicine article zq (201).pdf.jpg2013653: Risk of cesarean delivery following loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP)Frey, Heather; Stout, Molly; Odibo, Anthony; Stamilio, David; Cahill, Alison; Roehl, Kimberly; Macones, George
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 1 January (43).pdf.jpg201765: Thyroid peroxidase antibodies in women with subclinical hypothyroidism or hypothyroxinemiaCasey, Brian
201065세 이상 고령 환자의 단일 입구를 이용한 내시경적 수근관 감압술-
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 2 March (34).pdf.jpg201766: Efficacy of repeat mid-urethral sling for persistent or recurrent stress urinary incontinenceSmithling, K.R.; Tran, a.M.; Dave, B.; Chu, C.M.; Chan, R.; Antosh, D.D.; Gutman, R.E.
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 1 January (44).pdf.jpg201767: Increased cardiovascular risk 9-16 years after early onset preeclampsiaBokslag, Anouk; Teunissen, Pim W.; Franssen, Constantijn; van Kesteren, Floortje; Kamp, Otto; Ganzevoort, J. Wessel; Paulus, Walter J.; de Groot, Christianne J.M.
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 2 March (35).pdf.jpg201769: Early postoperative pain management after single-port robotic hysterectomy versus multi-port robotic hysterectomyKatebi Kashi, P.; Rostaminia, G.; Javadian, P.; Garg, R.; Maxwell, G.L.; Rose, G.S.
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 1 January (45).pdf.jpg201769: Offspring of women following bariatric surgery as well as those of obese patients are at an increased risk for long-term pediatric endocrine morbidityDamti, Pini; Friger, Michael; Landau, Daniella; Sheiner, Eyal
2017 AJOG Volume 216 Supplement 2 March (7).pdf.jpg20176: Perceived resident preparation and learning needs in the gynecologic operating roomWood, S.C.; Park, Y.; DaRosa, D.; Tekian, a.
2006[6]-Gingerol Induces Cell Cycle Arrest and Cell Death of Mutant p53-expressing Pancreatic Cancer Cells-
2009[6]-Gingerol suppresses interleukin-1 beta-induced MUC5AC gene expression in human airway epithelial cells.-
medicine article zw (269).pdf.jpg20146ovtvbmmz 4fwfsf $btft pgPg, Btft; Ijmesfo, Ogfdujpot J O; Mallet, Cindy; Ceroni, Dimitri; Litzelmann, Estelle; Dubois-ferriere, Victor
medicine article zv (111).pdf.jpg20136qebuf po "oujgvohbm 3ftjtubodf jo $ijmesfo &qjefnjpmphz boe 3fdpnnfoebujpotOujgvohbm, P O; Ijmesfo, J O; Boe, Qjefnjpmphz
medicine article zw (198).pdf.jpg20146sjobsz 5sbdu *ogfdujpo jo 0vuqbujfou 'fcsjmf *ogbout :pvohfs uibo %bzt pg "hf " zfbs &wbmvbujpoBzt, Uibo; Hf, P G; Bonadio, William; Maida, Gary
medicine article zx (100).pdf.jpg20156tf pg "oujcjpujdt jo $ijmesfoNationwide, A Danish; Utilization, Drug