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2011(1)H NMR-based metabolomic profiling in mice infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis-
20101,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 inhibits the differentiation and migration of T(H)17 cells to protect against experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis-
20121-Formyl-9H-β-Carboline: A Useful Scaffold for Synthesizing Substituted- and Fused β-CarbolinesSingh, Virender; Batra, Sanjay
2016 JE Volume 42 Issue 9 September (1).pdf.jpg20161-year In Vitro Evaluation of Tooth Discoloration Induced by 2 Calcium Silicate – based CementsRamos, Carlos; Palma, Paulo J; Nascimento, Rita; Caramelo, Francisco; Messias, Ana; Vinagre, Alexandra; Santos, Miguel
2016 LANCET Volume 387 Issue 10025 March (4).pdf.jpg20161-year outcomes with the Absorb bioresorbable scaff old in patients with coronary artery disease : a patient-level , pooled meta-analysisStone, Gregg W; Gao, Runlin; Kimura, Takeshi; Kereiakes, Dean J; Ellis, Stephen G; Onuma, Yoshinobu; Cheong, Wai-fung; Jones-mcmeans, Jennifer
2016 AJE Volume 184 Issue 5 September (1).pdf.jpg20161. Au Yeung SL, Jiang C, Long M, et al. Evaluation of moderate alcohol use with QT interval and heart rate using Mendelian-
2016 AJR Volume 207 Issue 1 July (37).pdf.jpg20161. In the article titled “Effect of MRI Versus MDCT on Milan Criteria Scores and Liver Transplantation Eligibility” that appeared in the April 2016 issue of-
2016 AJR Volume 207 Issue 2 August (37).pdf.jpg20161. In the article titled “Reliability of Computer-Assisted Breast Density Estimation: Comparison of Interactive Thresholding, Semiautomat- ed, and Fully Automated Methods” that appeared in the July 2016 issue of-
2016 AJR Volume 206 Issue 4 April (39).pdf.jpg20161. In the article titled “Retracted Publications Within Radiology Journals,” which appeared in the February 2016 issue of-
2017 AJR Volume 209 Issue 4 October (41).pdf.jpg20171. In the article titled “Targeted Radionuclide Therapy: An Evolution Toward Precision Cancer Treatment,” which appeared in the August 2017 is- sue of-
2016 AJR Volume 206 Issue 3 March (36).pdf.jpg20161. In the article titled, “Pitfalls in the Imaging and Interpretation of Benign Thymic Lesions: How Thymic MRI Can Help,” which appeared in the January online issue of-
2016 AJR Volume 206 Issue 1 January (44).pdf.jpg20161. In the articles titled, “Utility of MRI in the Characterization of Indeterminate Small Renal Lesions Previously Seen on Screening CT Scans of Potential Renal Donor Patients,” which appeared in the August issue of-
2016 IACN Volume 36 Issue 1 February (17).pdf.jpg20161.-Aeroallergen and Food ImmunotherapyCox, Linda S.; Nowak-węgrzyn, Anna H.
2017 JPERI Volume 88 Issue 3 March (5).pdf.jpg20171.2% Rosuvastatin and 1.2% Atorvastatin Gel Local Drug Delivery and Redelivery in the Treatment of Class II Furcation Defects: A Randomized Controlled Clinical TrialGarg, Shruti; Pradeep, a.R.
2016 O_G Volume 127 Supplement 1 May (19).pdf.jpg201610 : 45 AM – 10 : 55 AM Reducing Cesarean Delivery Surgical Site Infection : Successful Implementation of a Bundle of Care [ 20 ] 9 : 15 AM – 9 : 25 AM Current Implementation of Universal Cervical Length Screening for Preterm Birth Prevention in the UnitePritchard, Ashley
9780230517585.pdf.jpg200710 questions science can t answer (yet) :Hanlon, Michael,
9781563437816.pdf.jpg200410 things you need to know before you see the doctorLipshutz, Sheldon.
2016 LANCET Volume 387 Issue 10032 May (13).pdf.jpg201610 years of the UK ’ s National Institute for Health ResearchBell, John
medicine article ay (304).pdf.jpg201410-Year Follow-up of Calcifying Odontogenic Cyst in the Periapical Region of Vital Maxillary Central Incisorde Carvalhosa, Artur Aburad; de Araújo Estrela, Cyntia Rodrigues; Borges, Álvaro Henrique; Guedes, Orlando Aguirre; Estrela, Carlos
2016 NEJM Volume 374 Issue 4 January (1).pdf.jpg201610-Year Survival of Patients with AIDS Receiving Antiretroviral Therapy in Haiti-