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2016 AJRCCM Volume 194 Issue 12 December (2).pdf.jpg2016The 6-Minute-Walk Distance Test as a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Strati fi cation Tool Insights from the COPD Biomarker Quali fi cation ConsortiumCelli, Bartolome; Tetzlaff, Kay; Criner, Gerard; Polkey, Michael I; Sciurba, Frank; Casaburi, Richard
2017 AJRC Volume 196 Issue 1 July (3).pdf.jpg2017a. 1000Ige, Specific; Ige, Total; Y-c, Chan; J-b, Chen
2016 AJRCCM Volume 194 Issue 8 October (8).pdf.jpg2016Abnormal Glucose Tolerance in Infants and Young Children with Cystic FibrosisYi, Yaling; Norris, Andrew W; Wang, Kai; Sun, Xingshen; Uc, Aliye; Moran, Antoinette; Engelhardt, John F; Ode, Katie Larson
2017 AJRC Volume 196 Issue 2 July (23).pdf.jpg2017Accelerometry : Improving Objective Assessments of Therapeutic Impact in Pediatric Pulmonary Arterial HypertensionJenkins, Gisli; Kingdom, United; Occupational, Britton J; Herpesviruses, Flamand L
2017 AJRC Volume 196 Issue 1 July (5).pdf.jpg2017Accuracy of Immunofluorescence in the Diagnosis of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia.Shoemark, Amelia; Frost, Emily; Dixon, Mellisa; Ollosson, Sarah; Kilpin, Kate; Patel, Mitali; Scully, Juliet; Rogers, Andrew V; Mitchison, Hannah M; Bush, Andrew; Hogg, Claire
2017 AJRCCM Volume 196 Issue 9 November (11).pdf.jpg2017Acquisition and Transmission of Streptococcus pneumoniae Are Facilitated during Rhinovirus Infection in Families with ChildrenKarppinen, Sinikka; Ter, Johanna
2017 AJRC Volume 195 Issue 12 June (12).pdf.jpg2017Acute eosinophilic pneumonia and tracheitis associated with smokingPark, Seung Yong; Kim, Jee Hyuk; Chung, Myoung Ja; Rhee, Chin Ho; Park, Seoung Ju
2017 AJRC Volume 195 Issue 12 June (1).pdf.jpg2017Acute kidney injury as a Risk Factor for Delirium and Coma during Critical IllnessSiew, Edward D; Fissell, William H; Tripp, Christina M; Blume, Jeffrey D.; Wilson, Matthew D; Clark, Amanda J; Vincz, Andrew J; Ely, E. Wesley; Pandharipande, Pratik P.; Girard, Timothy D.
2016 AJRCCM Volume 194 Issue 8 October (3).pdf.jpg2016Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Neutrophils Have a Distinct Phenotype and Are Resistant to Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase InhibitionJuss, Jatinder K; House, David; Amour, Augustin; Begg, Malcolm; Herre, Jurgen; Storisteanu, Daniel M L; Hoenderdos, Kim; Bradley, Glyn; Lennon, Mark; Summers, Charlotte; Hessel, Edith M; Condliffe, Alison; Chilvers, Edwin R
2016 AJRCCM Volume 194 Issue 7 October (14).pdf.jpg2016Advancing a Third Revolution in Critical CareLaak, Ter; Care, Canadian Critical
2017 AJRCCM Volume 196 Issue 11 December (4).pdf.jpg2017Adverse Heart-lung Interactions in Ventilator-induced Lung InjuryKatira, Bhushan H; Giesinger, Regan E; Engelberts, Doreen; Zabini, Diana; Kornecki, Alik; Otulakowski, Gail; Yoshida, Takeshi; Kuebler, Wolfgang M; McNamara, Patrick J; Connelly, Kim a; Kavanagh, Brian P
2017 AJRCCM Volume 196 Issue 9 November (8).pdf.jpg2017Air Pollution from Livestock Farms Is Associated with Airway Obstruction in Neighboring ResidentsBorl, Floor; Yzermans, C Joris; Aalders, Bernadette; Rooijackers, Jos; Krop, Esmeralda; Maassen, Catharina B M; Schellevis, François; Brunekreef, Bert; Heederik, Dick; Smit, Lidwien A M
2016 AJRCCM Volume 194 Issue 10 November (4).pdf.jpg2016Airway Microbiota Determines Innate Cell In fl ammatory or Tissue Remodeling Pro fi les in Lung TransplantationBernasconi, Eric
2018 AJRCCM Volume 197 Issue 1 January  (4).pdf.jpg2018Airway Mucosal Host Defense Is Key to Genomic Regulation of Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease SeverityPolineni, Deepika; Dang, Hong; Gallins, Paul J; Jones, Lisa C; Pace, Rhonda G; Stonebraker, Jaclyn R; Commander, Leah A; Krenicky, Jeanne E; Zhou, Yi-hui; Corvol, Harriet; Cutting, Garry R; Drumm, Mitchell L; Strug, Lisa J; Boyle, Michael P; Durie, Peter R; Chmiel, Jame
2017 AJRC Volume 196 Issue 1 July (15).pdf.jpg2017Airway Necrosis and Barotrauma after Ecstasy InhalationVan den Kerckhove, Evi; Roosens, Laurence; Siozopoulou, Vasiliki; Verbrugghe, Walter; Aerts, Jelle; Huyskens, Jef; Raemen, Hannelore; Jorens, Philippe G.
2017 AJRCCM Volume 196 Issue 6 September (10).pdf.jpg2017Allergen-induced Increases in Sputum Levels of Group 2 Innate Lymphoid Cells in Subjects with AsthmaChen, Ruchong; Smith, Steven G; Salter, Brittany; El-gammal, Amani; Oliveria, John Paul; Obminski, Caitlin; Watson, Rick; Byrne, Paul M O; Gauvreau, Gail M; Sehmi, Roma
2016 AJRCCM Volume 194 Issue 8 October (25).pdf.jpg2016AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY An Of fi cial American Thoracic Society Research Statement : Sleep MedicineScience, Implementation; Care, Critical; Weiss, Curtis H; Krishnan, Jerry A; Au, David H; Bender, Bruce G; Carson, Shannon S; Cattamanchi, Adithya; Cloutier, Michelle M; Cooke, Colin R; Erickson, Karen; George, Maureen; Gerald, Joe K; Gerald, Lynn B; Goss, Christopher
2017 AJRCCM Volume 196 Issue 7 October (32).pdf.jpg2017AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY Evaluating Molecular Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer : When Is a Biomarker Ready for Clinical Use ? An Of fi cial American Thoracic Society Policy StatementMazzone, Peter J; Sears, Catherine Rufatto; Arenberg, Doug A; Gaga, Mina; Gould, Michael K; Massion, Pierre P; Nair, Vish S; Powell, Charles A; Silvestri, Gerard A; Vachani, Anil; Wiener, Renda Soylemez
2017 AJRCCM Volume 196 Issue 8 October (32).pdf.jpg2017AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY Health Disparities in Patients with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension : A Blueprint for Action An Of fi cial American Thoracic Society StatementTalwar, Arunabh; Garcia, Joe G N; Tsai, Halley; Moreno, Matthew; Lahm, Tim; Zamanian, Roham T; Machado, Roberto; Kawut, Steven M; Selej, Mona; Mathai, Stephen; Anna, Laura Hoyt D; Sahni, Sonu; Rodriquez, Erik J; Channick, Richard; Fagan, Karen; Gray, Michael; Armstrong, Jessica; Lopez, Josanna Rodriguez; Perez, Vinicio De Jesus
2017 AJRCCM Volume 196 Issue 9 November (31).pdf.jpg2017AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY Stakeholder Research Priorities for Smoking Cessation Interventions within Lung Cancer Screening Programs An Of fi cial American Thoracic Society Research StatementKathuria, Hasmeena; Detterbeck, Frank C; Fathi, Joelle T; Fennig, Kathleen; Gould, Michael K; Jolicoeur, Denise G; Land, Stephanie R; Massetti, Greta M; Mazzone, Peter J; Silvestri, Gerard A; Slatore, Christopher G; Smith, Robert A