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2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (49).pdf.jpg201612: Modifiable risk factors for endomyometritis after cesarean section in the era of pre-operative antibiotic prophylaxisMoulton, Laura J; Lachiewicz, Mark; Liu, Xiaobo; Goje, Oluwatosin
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (50).pdf.jpg201613: Obstetric complications associated with sepsisWood, A; Post, A; Swamy, G; Murtha, A; Heine, R P; Grotegut, C
2016 AJOG Volume 214 Issue 3 March (25).pdf.jpg2016152-patient prospective multicenter studyClinic, Cleveland; Scores, Incontinence
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (51).pdf.jpg201615: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of VT-1161, a potent, highly selective inhibitor of fungal CYP51, in treating women with a documented history of recurrent vulvovaginal candidiasis (RVVC)Brand, S; Degenhardt, T; Nyirjesy, P; Sobel, J; Handelsman, C; Person, K; Schotzinger, R; Tavakkol, A
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (52).pdf.jpg201616: A phase 3 randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to confirm the efficacy and safety of a single, oral dose of SYM-1219, a granule formulation containing 2 grams of secnidazole, for the treatment of bacterial vaginosisSchwebke, J; Morgan, F; Koltun, W; Pentikis, H; Adetoro, N; Braun, C
medicine article a (331).pdf.jpg201318- Hypertension and antihypertensive drugs in pregnancy and perinatal outcomes.Orbach, Hagay; Matok, Ilan; Gorodischer, Rafael; Sheiner, Eyal; Daniel, Sharon; Wiznitzer, Arnon; Koren, Gideon; Levy, Amalia
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (53).pdf.jpg201619: Initial impact of Zika exposure management in pregnancyGoldfarb, I T; Naqvi, M; Riley, L E
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (46).pdf.jpg20161: Fewer cervical immune cells in women with abnormal vaginal microbiota compared to women with normal vaginal microbiotaStoner, K A; Beamer, M A; Avolia, H A; Austin, M N; Meyn, L A; Hillier, S L; Achilles, S L
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (3).pdf.jpg201620: Retrospective review of maternal and neonatal outcomes with discordant histologic and clinical chorioamnionitis in laborRushing, N; Pippin, J; Black, L; Fortner, K
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (59).pdf.jpg201622: Assessing risk factors for poor obstetric outcomes in HIV-infected women in south carolinaPowell, A M; Sullivan, S; Soper, D E; Lazenby, G B
medicine article b (84).pdf.jpg2014231: Amnioreduction in the management of singleton pregnancies complicated by severe polyhydramniosDickinson, Jan; Tjioe, Yan Yan; Jude, Emily; Kirk, Daniel; Franke, Malcolm; Nathan, Elizabeth
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (54).pdf.jpg201625: Mycoplasma genitalium and acute pelvic inflammatory diseaseWiesenfeld, H C; Meyn, L A; Macio, I S; Priest, C; Trucco, G; Amortegui, A; Hillier, S L
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (61).pdf.jpg201629: Prevalence of cytomegalovirus infection in placentas and umbilical cords with inflammation from unexplained small for gestational age neonates: A pilot studyByrne, J; Stephens, A; Kaul, K; Dinsmoor, M
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (62).pdf.jpg201632: Does human immunodeficiency virus impact obstetric and perinatal outcomes? Data from a contemporary southern cohortWallace, Suzanne; Khan, Michelle J; Neely, Cherry; Tang, Ying; Tita, Alan; Crain, Marilyn
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (63).pdf.jpg201635: Improved diagnosis of trichomonas by PCR and recommendations for screening practicesPiwonka, H; Butcher, R; Smeltzer, J; Doyle, B; Smart, H; Cockrell, A; Ruhfel, B
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (65).pdf.jpg201638: The impact of hepatitis C on postpartum infectionCooper, S; Sun, H; Boscarino, J
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 6 December (66).pdf.jpg201639: Prognosis after preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) for women with history of genital and non-genital infectionsPoliquin, V; Albert, A; Castillo, E; Hemmingsen, S; Hill, J E; Janssen, P A; Schalkwyk, J E Van; Money, D
medicine article b (253).pdf.jpg201453: In utero exposure to a maternal high fat diet alters the epigenetic histone code in a murine modelSuter, Melissa; Hartil, Kirsten; Vuguin, Patricia; Fiallo, Ariana; Charron, Maureen; Aagaard-Tillery, Kjersti
medicine article a (333).pdf.jpg2013821: A randomized controlled trial comparing a multi-modal intervention and standard obstetrical care for low back and pelvic pain in pregnancyGross, Gilad; George, James W.; Thompson, Paul a.; Nelson, D. Michael; Skaggs, Clayton
2015 AJOG Volume 213 Issue 2 August (27).pdf.jpg2015Aberrant expression of erythropoietin in uterine leiomyoma : implications in tumor growthAsano, Ryoko; Asai-sato, Mikiko; Miyagi, Yohei