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1954A Simple Method for In Vitro Testing of the Antibacterial Action of Insoluble CompoundsDudani, A T
1954Changes in Ascorbic Acid Metabolism in Guinea Pigs During FractureGhatak, S; Dhar, D C; Agarwala, S C; Shrivastava, D L
1954Studies on the Enzyme Make-up of Vibrio cholerae: Part IV- Screening of Cholera & Other Vibrios for the Presence of PenicillinaseIyer, S N; Dudani, A; krishna Murti, C R
1954A Study of Vibrio cholerae AutolysisSaxena, K C; Agarwala, S C; Shrivastava, D L
1954Abdominal Lymphatic Tissue as a Source of Hyperglycasrnic Glycogenolytic FactorRaja Rama Rao, M R; De, N N
1954Studies in Synthetic Neuromuscular Blocking Agents: Part II-Potency of Some Polymethylene bis- onium CompoundsPradhan, S N; Varadan, K S; Ray, C; De, N N
1954Effect of Experimental Tuberculosis on the Distribution of Alkaline Phosphatase in the Adrenal Cortex of the Guinea PigKar, A B
1954The Effect of Estradiol Dipropionate on the Development of Trypanosoma equiperdum in Rats & MiceChak, I M; Kar, A B
1954Studies in Potential Antimycobacterial Agents: Part IV Synthesis of p -Alkylamino -amino-o -Hydroxydiphenyl SulfonesVyas, G N; Anand, Nitya; Dhar, M L
1954Studies in Potential Amoebicides : Part I-Synthesis of 4-Substituted Amino-8-hydroxy (& 8-methoxy ) Quinoline & Quinaldine DerivativesGopalchari, R; Popli, S P; Anand, Nitya; Dhar, M L
1954Chemical Examination of the Root Bark of Melodinus monogynus Roxb.: Part IChatterji, S K; Sharma, V N; Dhar, M L
1955Lysis of Human Pathogenic Bacteria by MyxobacteriaMathew, S; Dudani, A
1955Studies in Potential Amoebicides:Part II -Synthesis of Some Polymethylene DiaminesMahboob, S; Dhar, M L
1955Comparative activity of Reserpine and Total Alkaloids of RauwolfiaKohli, J D; Mukerji, B
1955Circular Paper Chromatography of Rauwolfia AlkaloidsDhar, M M; Bhattacharji, S; Dhar, M L
1955Studies in the Enzyme Make-up of Vibrio cholerae: Part V-Nucleotidase Activity of VibriosKrishna Murti, C R; Shrivastava, D L
1955Effect of Certain Sugars on the Enzyme of Vibrio CholeraeArora, K L
1955Studies on the Origin of the Hyperglycaemic Glycogenolytic Factor (HGF)Rajarama, M R; De, N N
1955Studies on the Metabolism of Reserpine:Part I-Identification of MetabolitesDhar, M M; Kohli, J D; Srivastava, S K
1955Preparation of Phosphatids from Indian PulsesGhatak, S; Krishna Murti, C R