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2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 11 October (1).pdf.jpg20171637 Insights from outside BJOGKent, A; Navaratnam, K; Carlander, C; Marrone, G; Yilmaz, A; Elfgren, K; Kapp, N; Grossman, D; Jackson, E; Castleman, L; Brahmi, D; Zhang, Q; Zhang, Y; Yang, Y; He, Y; Zhao, J; Geary, R; Datta, J; Wellings, K; Sonnenberg, P; Field, N; Nunns, D; Bancroft, J; Logan, S; Lim, C; Choolani, M; Biswas, A; Mendola, P; Zhu, Y
2016 BJA Volume 116 Issue 6 June (46).pdf.jpg201623rd Annual Meeting of Chinese Society of AnesthesiologyZhishen, Z; Beibei, D; Guolin, W; Yonghao, Y; Wu, H; Wang, B; Zhang, Y
2017 BJA Volume 119 Issue 4 October (56).pdf.jpg201724th Annual Meeting of the Chinese Society of AnesthesiologyLi, X; Yang, J; Zhang, Y
2015 JDR Volume 94 Issue 9 September (4).pdf.jpg2015The ADAMTS1 Gene Is Associated with Familial Mandibular PrognathismGuan, X; Song, Y; Ott, J; Zhang, Y; Li, C; Xin, T; Li, Z; Gan, Y; Li, J; Zhou, S; Zhou, Y; Gene, The Adamts
medicine article as (40).pdf.jpg2014Association of Carotid Intima-media Thickness and Atherosclerotic Plaque with Periodontal Status.Yu, H; Qi, L T; Liu, L S; Wang, X Y; Zhang, Y; Huo, Y; Luan, Q X
2018 BJoA Volume 121 Issue 1 July (19).pdf.jpg2018Cardiac m -opioid receptor contributes to opioid- induced cardioprotection in chronic heart failureHe, S F; Jin, S Y; Yang, W; Pan, Y L; Huang, J; Zhang, S J; Zhang, L; Zhang, Y
2017 BJA Volume 119 Issue 3 September (21).pdf.jpg2017Coenzyme Q10 reduces sevoflurane-induced cognitive deficiency in young mice.Xu, G; Lu, H; Dong, Y; Shapoval, D; Soriano, S G; Liu, X; Zhang, Y; Xie, Z
medicine article as (170).pdf.jpg2014Conserved odontogenic potential in embryonic dental tissues.Hu, X; Lin, C; Shen, B; Ruan, N; Guan, Z; Chen, Y; Zhang, Y
medicine article ar (192).pdf.jpg2013Decreased osteogenesis in stromal cells from radiolucent zone of human TMJ ankylosis.Xiao, E; Li, J-M; Yan, Y-B; An, J-G; Duan, D-H; Gan, Y-H; Zhang, Y
2015 DMFR Volume 44 Issue 7 August (12).pdf.jpg2015Dentomaxillofacial RadiologyFarias, J F G De; Melo, S L S; Bento, P M; Oliveira, L S A F; Campos, P S F; Melo, D P De; Li, S; Cheng, J; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z; Friedlander, A H; Saden, S M El; Hazboun, R C; Chang, T I; Wong, W K; Garrett, N R
2015 DMFR Volume 44 Issue 7 August (1).pdf.jpg2015Differentiation of benign and malignant lesions of the tongue by using diffusion-weighted MRI at 3 . 0 TLi, S; Cheng, J; Zhang, Y; Zhang, Z
medicine article as (188).pdf.jpg2014DSPP Contains an IRES Element Responsible for the Translation of Dentin Phosphophoryn.Zhang, Y; Song, Y; Ravindran, S; Gao, Q; Huang, C C; Ramachandran, a; Kulkarni, a; George, a
2016 JDR Volume 95 Issue 3 March (4).pdf.jpg2016DSPP Is Essential for Normal Development of the Dental-Craniofacial ComplexChen, Y; Zhang, Y; Ramachandran, A; George, A
2017 NEJM Volume 377 Issue 15 October (5).pdf.jpg2017Ebola RNA Persistence in Semen of Ebola Virus Disease Survivors — Final ReportMarrinan, J E; Gaillard, P; Habib, N; Liu, H; Liu, W; Thorson, A E; Yamba, F; Massaquoi, T A; James, F; Ariyarajah, A; Ross, C; Bernstein, K; Coursier, A; Klena, J; Carino, M; Wurie, A H; Zhang, Y; Dumbuya, M S; Abad, N; Idriss, B; Ongpin, P; Malik, T; Banerjee, A; Erickson, B R; Liu, Y; Liu, Y; Xu, K; Brault, A; Durski, K N; Winter, J; Sealy, T; Nichol, S T; Lamunu, M; Bangura, J; Landoulsi, S; Jambai, A; Morgan, O; Wu, G; Liang, M; Su, Q; Lan, Y; Hao, Y; Formenty, P; Ströher, U; Sahr, F
medicine article k (277).pdf.jpg2013The effect of lipid emulsion on pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution of bupivacaine in ratsShi, K; Xia, Y; Wang, Q; Wu, Y; Dong, X; Chen, C; Tang, W; Zhang, Y; Luo, M; Wang, X; Papadimos, T J; Xu, X
2018 JoDR Volume 97 Issue 5 May (9).pdf.jpg2018FGF8 Signaling Alters the Osteogenic Cell Fate in the Hard PalateXu, J; Huang, Z; Wang, W; Tan, X; Li, H; Zhang, Y; Tian, W; Hu, T; Chen, Y P
2012Human annexin A6 interacts with influenza a virus protein M2 and negatively modulates infectionMa, H; Kien, F; Manière, M; Zhang, Y; Lagarde, N; Tse, KS; Nal, B; Poon, LLM
2012Human annexin A6 interacts with influenza A virus protein M2 and negatively modulates infectionMa, H; Kien, F; Maniere, M; Zhang, Y; Lagarde, N; Tse, KS; Poon, LLM; Nal, B
medicine article as (200).pdf.jpg2014Hypersensitive mAChRs are Involved in the Epiphora of Transplanted Glands.Ding, C; Cong, X; Zhang, Y; Yang, N Y; Li, S L; Wu, L L; Yu, G Y
2017 BJOG Volume 124 Issue 11 October (44).pdf.jpg2017The influence of age at menarche , menstrual cycle length and bleeding duration on time to pregnancy : a large prospective cohort study among rural Chinese womenZhang, Q; Wang, Y Y; Zhang, Y; Zhang, H G; Yang, Y; He, Y; Xu, J H; Zhao, J; Peng, Z Q; Ma, X