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2015 JOP Volume 86 Issue 11 November (6).pdf.jpg2015Alveolar Bone Architecture: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisMonje, Alberto; Chan, Hsun-liang; Galindo-moreno, Pablo; Elnayef, Basel; Amo, Suarez-lopez; Wang, Feng; Wang, Hom-lay
2018 JPeriodontology Volume 89 Issue 7 July (2).pdf.jpg2018Antimicrobial photodynamic therapy for the treatment of periodontitis and peri-implantitis : An American Academy of Periodontology best evidence reviewChambrone, Leandro; Wang, Hom-lay; Romanos, Georgios E
2018 JPeriodontology Volume 89 Issue 9 September (17).pdf.jpg2018Clinical outcomes and cost effectiveness of computer-guided versus conventional implant-retained hybrid prostheses : A long-term retrospective analysis of treatment protocolsRavidà, Andrea; Tattan, Mustafa; Gargallo-albiol, Jordi; Wang, Hom-lay
2018 JournalofPeriodontology Volume 89 Issue 4 April (7).pdf.jpg2018Diagnostic accuracy of clinical parameters to monitor peri-implant conditions : A matched case-control studyMonje, Alberto; Wang, Hom-lay; Caballé-serrano, Jordi; Rakic, Mia; Nart, Jose; Peñarrocha, David
2015 JOP Volume 86 Issue 12 December (7).pdf.jpg2015Effectiveness of Laser Application for Periodontal Surgical Therapy: Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisBehdin, Shabnam; Monje, Alberto; Lin, Guo-hao; Edwards, Bruce; Othman, Abdullah; Wang, Hom-lay
2018 JPeriodontology Volume 89 Issue 9 September (16).pdf.jpg2018Efficacy of tunnel technique in the treatment of localized and multiple gingival recessions : A systematic review and meta-analysisTavelli, Lorenzo; Wang, Hom-lay; Ravidà, Andrea
2016 JP Volume 87 Issue 4 April (14).pdf.jpg2016Implant Abutment Cleaning by Plasma of Argon: 5-Year Follow-Up of a Randomized Controlled TrialCanullo, Luigi; Tallarico, Marco; Pen, David; Monje, Alberto; Wang, Hom-lay; Pen, Miguel
2016 JP Volume 87 Issue 6 June (14).pdf.jpg2016Influence of Soft Tissue Thickness onA, Peri-implant Marginal Bone Loss; Lin, Guo-hao; Monje, Alberto; Galindo-moreno, Pablo; Wang, Hom-lay
2015 JOP Volume 86 Issue 10 October (7).pdf.jpg2015Long-Term Effect of Four Surgical Periodontal Therapies and One Non-Surgical Therapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisMailoa, James; Lin, Guo-hao; Khoshkam, Vahid; Maceachern, Mark; Chan, Hsun-liang; Wang, Hom-lay
2016 JP Volume 87 Issue 8 August (17).pdf.jpg2016Schneiderian Membrane Thickness and Clinical Implications for Sinus Augmentation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression AnalysesMonje, Alberto; Diaz, Karla Tatiana; Aranda, Luisiana; Insua, Angel; Garcia-nogales, Agustin; Wang, Hom-lay
2017 JPERIO Volume 88 Issue 10 October (12).pdf.jpg2017Therapy Compliance and Peri-ImplantMonje, Alberto; Wang, Hom-lay
2017 JPERIO Volume 88 Issue 11 November (3).pdf.jpg2017Understanding of Peri-ImplantitisInsua, Angel; Monje, Alberto; Wang, Hom-lay; Inglehart, Marita