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2015 NEJM Volume 373 Issue 26 December (14).pdf.jpg2015Clinical Implications of Basic Research Environmental Microbial Exposure and Protection against Asthma A20Holt, Patrick G; Sly, Peter D
2017 AJRC Volume 195 Issue 12 June (3).pdf.jpg2017CONCISE CLINICAL REVIEW Early Lung Disease in Infants and Preschool Children with Cystic Fibrosis What Have We Learned and What Should We Do about It? on behalf of the Australian Respiratory Early Surveillance Team for Cystic Fibrosis (AREST-CF)Ranganathan, Sarath C; Hall, Graham L; Sly, Peter D; Stick, Stephen M; Douglas, Tonia a
2018 AJRCCM Volume 197 Issue 3 February (22).pdf.jpg2018Face Masks and Cough Etiquette Reduce the Cough Aerosol Concentration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in People with Cystic FibrosisWood, Michelle E; Stockwell, Rebecca E; Johnson, Graham R; Ramsay, Kay A; Sherrard, Laura J; Jabbour, Nassib; Ballard, Emma; Rourke, Peter O; Kidd, Timothy J; Wainwright, Claire E; Knibbs, Luke D; Sly, Peter D; Morawska, Lidia; Bell, Scott C
2017 AJRCCM  Volume 196 Issue 3 August (11).pdf.jpg2017Loss of ATM in Airway Epithelial Cells is Associated with Susceptibility to Oxidative Stress.Yeo, Abrey J; Fantino, Emmanuelle; Czovek, Dorottya; Wainwright, Claire; Sly, Peter D; Lavin, Martin F
2017 AJRCCM Volume 195 Issue 2 January (3).pdf.jpg2017Lung Function in African Infants in the Drakenstein Child Health Study: Impact of Lower Respiratory Tract Illness.Gray, Diane M; Turkovic, Lidija; Willemse, Lauren; Visagie, Ane; Vanker, Aneesa; Stein, Dan J; Sly, Peter D; Hall, Graham L; Zar, Heather J
medicine article zw (214).pdf.jpg2014Malnutrition: a risk factor for severe respiratory syncytial virus infection and hospitalization.Paynter, Stuart; Ware, Robert S; Lucero, Marilla G; Tallo, Veronica; Nohynek, Hannah; Weinstein, Philip; Williams, Gail; Sly, Peter D; Simões, Eric a F
2018 AJRCCM Volume 198 Issue 10 November (19).pdf.jpg2018References 1.Sly, Peter D
2016 AJRCCM Volume 193 Issue 6 March (46).pdf.jpg2016Vitamin D in Asthma. Is the Golden Bullet Losing Its Luster?Upham, John W; Sly, Peter D