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medicine article ax (141).pdf.jpg2013Area and 3-dimensional volumetric changes of periapical lesions after root canal treatmentsVan Der Borden, Wim Gerard; Wang, Xin; Wu, Min Kai; Shemesh, Hagay
2018 JENDODONTICS Volume 44 Issue 1 January (11).pdf.jpg2018Dehydration Induces Cracking in Root Dentin Irrespective of Instrumentation :Study, Three-dimensional; Shemesh, Hagay; Lindtner, Tom; Portoles, Carlos Aznar; Zaslansky, Paul
2017 JE Volume 43 Issue 8 August (24).pdf.jpg2017Development of Periapical Lesions in Endodontically Treated Teeth with and without Periodontal Involvement: A Retrospective Cohort StudyRuiz, Xavier Fructuós; Duran-Sindreu, Fernando; Shemesh, Hagay; García Font, Marc; Vallés, Marta; Roig Cayón, Miguel; Olivieri, Juan Gonzalo
medicine article ax (26).pdf.jpg2013Effects of self-adjusting file, mtwo, and protaper on the root canal wallHin, Ellemieke S.; Wu, Min Kai; Wesselink, Paul R.; Shemesh, Hagay
2017 JE Volume 43 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2017Feasibility of Cone-beam Computed Tomography in Detecting Lateral Canals before and after Root Canal Treatment: An Ex Vivo StudySousa, Thiago Oliveira; Hassan, Bassam; Mirmohammadi, Hesam; Shemesh, Hagay; Haiter-Neto, Francisco
medicine article ax (112).pdf.jpg2013Incidence of apical root cracks and apical dentinal detachments after canal preparation with hand and rotary files at different instrumentation lengthsLiu, Rui; Kaiwar, Anjali; Shemesh, Hagay; Wesselink, Paul R.; Hou, Benxiang; Wu, Min Kai
medicine article ax (80).pdf.jpg2013The incidence of root microcracks caused by 3 different single-file systems versus the protaper systemLiu, Rui; Hou, Ben Xiang; Wesselink, Paul R.; Wu, Min Kai; Shemesh, Hagay
2015 JOE Volume 41 Issue 7 July (27).pdf.jpg2015Influence of Irrigation Sequence on the Adhesion of Root Canal Sealers to Dentin : A Fourier Transform InfraredAnalysis, Push-out Bond Strength; Neelakantan, Prasanna; Sharma, Subash; Shemesh, Hagay
medicine article ay (207).pdf.jpg2014Interference of electronic apex locators with implantable cardioverter defibrillatorsIdzahi, Karim; De Cock, Carel C.; Shemesh, Hagay; Brand, Henk S.
2015 JOE Volume 41 Issue 7 July (14).pdf.jpg2015Outcome of Direct Pulp Capping with Mineral Trioxide Aggregate : A Prospective StudyMarques, Miguel Seruca; Wesselink, Paul R; Shemesh, Hagay
2017 JE Volume 43 Issue 6 June (1).pdf.jpg2017Preexisting Dentinal Microcracks in Nonendodontically Treated Teeth: An Ex Vivo Micro–computed Tomographic AnalysisPradeepKumar, Angambakkam Rajasekaran; Shemesh, Hagay; Chang, Jeffrey Wen-Wei; Bhowmik, Ahendita; Sibi, Swamy; Gopikrishna, Velayutham; Lakshmi-Narayanan, Lakshmikanthanbharathi; Kishen, Anil
medicine article ax (135).pdf.jpg2013The validity of cone-beam computed tomography in measuring root canal length using a gold standardLiang, Yu Hong; Jiang, Lan; Chen, Chen; Gao, Xue Jun; Wesselink, Paul R.; Wu, Min Kai; Shemesh, Hagay