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2014A unique dithiocarbamate chemistry during design & synthesis of novel sperm-immobilizing agents#Jangir, Santosh; Bala, Veenu; Lal, Nand; Kumar, Lalit; Sarswat, Amit; Kumar, Lokesh; Kushwaha, Bhavana; Singh, Pratiksha; Shukla, P K; Maikhuri, J P; Gupta, Gopal; Sharma, V L
2014Chemical and Medicinal Versatility of Dithiocarbamates: An OverviewBala, Veenu; Gupta, Gopal; Sharma, V L
2014Combining a synthetic spermicide with a natural trichomonacide for safe, prophylactic contraceptionJain, Ashish; Kumar, Lokesh; Kushwaha, Bhavana; Sharma, Monika; Pandey, Aastha; Verma, Vikas; Sharma, Vikas; Singh, Vishal; Rawat, Tara; Sharma, V L; Maikhuri, J P; Gupta, Gopal
2011Design and synthesis of 3-(azol-1-yl)phenylpropanes as microbicidal spermicides for prophylactic contraceptionKumar, Lalit; Sarswat, Amit; Lal, Nand; Jain, Ashish; Kumar, Sumit; Kumar, S.T.V.S. Kiran; Maikhuri, J P; Pandey, A K; Shukla, P K; Gupta, Gopal; Sharma, V L
2013Designed Chemical Intervention with Thiols for Prophylactic ContraceptionSharma, Monika; Kumar, Lokesh; Jain, Ashish; Verma, Vikas; Sharma, Vikas; Kushwaha, Bhavana; Lal, Nand; Kumar, Lalit; Rawat, Tara; Dwivedi, A K; Maikhuri, J P; Sharma, V L; Gupta, Gopal
2010Imidazole derivatives as possible microbicides with dual protectionKumar, L; Sarswat, A; Lal, Nand; Sharma, V L; Jain, A; Kumar, R; Verma, V; Maikhuri, J P; Kumar, A; Shukla, P K; Gupta, Gopal
2012Potentiating Metronidazole Scaffold against Resistant Trichomonas: Design, Synthesis, Biology and 3D–QSAR Analysis#Kumar, Lalit; Jain, Ashish; Lal, Nand; Sarswat, Amit; Jangir, Santosh; Kumar, Lokesh; Singh, Vishal; Shah, Priyanka; Jain, S K; Maikhuri, J P; Siddiqi, M I; Gupta, Gopal; Sharma, V L
2014Targeting sperm post-ejaculation for value-added contraceptionGupta, Gopal; Jangir, Jangir; Sharma, V L