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2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 3 September (8).pdf.jpg2016The accuracy of endorectal ultrasound in staging rectal lesions in patients undergoing transanal endoscopic microsurgeryLeon-carlyle, Marisa; Brown, Jacqueline A; Hamm, Jeremy; Sc, M; Phang, P Terry; S, F A C; Brown, Carl J; Sc, M; C, F R C S
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 7 December (23).pdf.jpg2016Addition of neither recombinant nor urinary luteinizing hormone was associated with an improvement in the outcome of autologous in vitro fertilization / intracytoplasmatic sperm injection cycles under regular clinical settings : a multicenter observationaSchwarze, Juan-enrique; Sc, M; Crosby, Javier A; Ph, D; Zegers-hochschild, Fernando; D, M
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 3 September (11).pdf.jpg2016Altered DNA methylation and expression of PLAGL1 in cord blood from assisted reproductive technology pregnancies compared with natural conceptionsVincent, Rebecca N; Sc, M; Gooding, Luke D; Sc, B; Louie, Kenny; Sc, B; Wong, Edgar Chan; Sc, M
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 4 October (37).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Cell-based skin substitutes accelerate regeneration of extensive burn wounds in ratsMotamed, Sadrollah; D, M; Taghiabadi, Ehsan; Sc, M; Molaei, Hojjat; D, M; Sodei, Niloofar; D, M; Hassanpour, Seyed Esmaeil; D, M; Sha, Saeed; D, M; Azargashb, Enzollah; Ph, D; Farajzadeh-vajari, Fatemeh; D, M; Aghdami, Nasser; Ph, D; Bajouri, Amir; D, M
2018 FS Volume 109 Issue 1 January (32).pdf.jpg2018Association between surgically diagnosed endometriosis and adverse pregnancy outcomesChen, Innie; Lalani, Shifana; Sc, M; Xie, Ri-hua; Ph, D; Shen, Minxue; Ph, D
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 2 August (13).pdf.jpg2016Bioengineered uterine tissue supports pregnancy in a rat modelMoreno-moya, Juan M; Bandstein, Sara; Sc, M; Bom, Eva
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 1 July (2).pdf.jpg2016Caring for the surgically anxious patient : a review of the interventions and a guide to optimizing surgical outcomesWilson, Craig J; A, B; Mitchelson, Andrew J; Sc, B; Tzeng, Tony H; Sc, B; El-othmani, Mouhanad M; Saleh, Jasmine; Vasdev, Sonia; H, M P; Lamontagne, Hillary J; C, C A D; Saleh, Khaled J; Sc, B; Sc, M; M, M H C
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 5 October (27).pdf.jpg2016Characterization of the injection funnel during intracytoplasmic sperm injection re fl ects cytoplasmic maturity of the oocyteKrause, Iris; Sc, M; Pohler, Uwe; Grosse, Stefan; Shebl, Omar; Petek, Erwin
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (36).pdf.jpg2017Characterizing nuclear and mitochondrial DNA in spent embryo culture media : genetic contamination identi fi edHammond, Elizabeth R; Sc, B; Mcgillivray, Brent C; Sc, M; Wicker, Sophie M; Sc, M; Peek, John C; Ph, D
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 2 August (41).pdf.jpg2016Cleavage-stage or blastocyst transfer : what are the bene fi tsSc, M; Farquhar, Cynthia; H, M P
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 2 August (14).pdf.jpg2016Comparison of birth weights in patients randomly assigned to fresh or frozen-thawed embryo transferShapiro, Bruce S; Daneshmand, Said T; Bedient, Carrie E; Garner, Forest C; Sc, M
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (19).pdf.jpg2017cytogenetic fi ndings reveal distinctive differences in primary and secondary recurrent pregnancy lossFeichtinger, Michael; Wallner, Elisabeth; Sc, M; Hartmann, Beda; Reiner, Angelika
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 20 November (13).pdf.jpg2016Diabetes and Cause-Specific Mortality in Mexico CityGnatiuc, Louisa; Sc, M; Ramirez, Raul; Hill, Michael; Phil, D; Baigent, Colin; Mccarthy, Mark I; Lewington, Sarah; Phil, D; Collins, Rory; Whitlock, Gary; Ph, D; Conyer, Roberto Tapia; Ph, D; Peto, Richard; Morales, Pablo Kuri; Emberson, Jonathan R; Ph, D
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (44).pdf.jpg2017Diagnosis and clinical management of duplications and deletionsCapalbo, Antonio; Ph, D; Rienzi, Laura; Sc, M; Ubaldi, Filippo Maria; Sc, M
2016 AJP Volume 173 Issue 12 December (12).pdf.jpg2016A Diffusion Tensor Imaging Study in Children With ADHD , Autism Spectrum Disorder , OCD , and Matched Controls : Distinct and Non-Distinct White Matter Disruption and Dimensional Brain-Behavior RelationshipsAmeis, Stephanie H; Sc, M; Lerch, Jason P; Ph, D; Taylor, Margot J; Ph, D; Lee, Wayne; Sc, M; Viviano, Joseph D; Sc, M
2018 AJP Volume 175 Issue 1 January  (8).pdf.jpg2018Dissociation in Psychiatric Disorders : A Meta-Analysis of Studies Using the Dissociative Experiences ScaleLyssenko, Lisa; Schmahl, Christian; Bockhacker, Laura; Vonderlin, Ruben; Sc, M
2017 AJP Volume 174 Issue 1 January (14).pdf.jpg2017Distinct Subcortical Volume Alterations in Pediatric and Adult OCD : A Worldwide Meta- and Mega-AnalysisBoedhoe, Premika S W; Sc, M; Schmaal, Lianne; Ph, D; Abe, Yoshinari; Ameis, Stephanie H
2016 NEJM Volume 735 Issue 5 August (11).pdf.jpg2016Edi t or i a l Innate Immunity in AsthmaChatila, Talal A; Sc, M
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 7 December (21).pdf.jpg2016Effect of fi rst line cancer treatment on the ovarian reserve and follicular density in girls under the age of 18 yearsIssaoui, Meryam El; Giorgione, Veronica; Mamsen, Linn S; Sc, M; Rechnitzer, Catherine
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 13 September (19).pdf.jpg2016Effectiveness of Fluticasone Furoate– Vilanterol for COPD in Clinical PracticeNew, John; Gibson, J Martin; Mccorkindale, Sheila; Ch, B; Collier, Susan; Ch, B; Crawford, Jodie; Sc, M; Frith, Lucy; Sc, M; Harvey, Catherine; Phil, D; Svedsater, Henrik; Woodcock, Ashley