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2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 5 May (8).pdf.jpg2016Axillary web syndrome : an underappreciated complication of sentinel node biopsy in melanomaSchuitevoerder, Darryl; S, M B B; White, Ian; Fortino, Jeanine; A, H I M; Vetto, John
medicine article j (37).pdf.jpg2015Design and validation of the surgical ward round assessment tool : a quantitative observational studyJawad, Muhammad; S, M B B; Tierney, Tanya; Darzi, Ara; S, F R C; Athanasiou, Thanos; S, F E T C; Hanna, George B; S, F R C
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 1 July (7).pdf.jpg2016Hypoalbuminemia at admission is associated with increased incidence of in-hospital complications in geriatric trauma patientsGarwe, Tabitha; Albrecht, Roxie M; Stoner, Julie A; Mitchell, Stephanie; N, R; Motghare, Prasenjeet; S, M B B
2016 AJSN Volume 211 Issue 1 January (19).pdf.jpg2016Inguinal hernia repair with Parietex ProGrip mesh causes minimal discomfort and allows early return to normal activitiesSamra, Jaswinder S; Phil, D; Eng, F R C S; S, F R A C; Wickins, Simon; S, M B B; Sweeney, Edmund; A, F A N Z C; Hugh, Thomas J; S, F R A C
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 1 July (21).pdf.jpg2016Packed red blood cell transfusion after surgery : are we ‘‘ overtranfusing ’’ our patients ?Lucas, Donald J; Ejaz, Aslam; H, M P; Spolverato, Gaya; Kim, Yuhree; H, M P; Gani, Faiz; S, M B B; Frank, Steven M; Pawlik, Timothy M
medicine article j (49).pdf.jpg2015Racial / ethnic disparities in emergency general surgery : explained by hospital-level characteristics ?Hall, Erin C; Hashmi, Zain G; S, M B B; Zafar, Syed Nabeel; Zogg, Cheryl K; S, M H; Cornwell, Edward E; M, F C C; Haider, Adil H
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 5 May (24).pdf.jpg2016Rigid vs articulating instrumentation for task completion in single-port surgeryChow, Geoffrey; Chiu, Chieh Jack; Zheng, Bin; Panton, Ormond Neely; S, M B B; Meneghetti, Adam T; Sc, M H
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (27).pdf.jpg2017Three-dimensional laparoscopy vs 2-dimensional laparoscopy with high-definition technology for abdominal surgery : a systematic reviewFergo, Charlotte; Sc, B; S, M B B; Burcharth, Jakob; Pommergaard, Hans-christian; Kildebro, Niels; D, M; Rosenberg, Jacob; D, M
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (6).pdf.jpg2016Transanal endoscopic microsurgery and transanal minimally invasive surgery : is one technique superior ?Melin, Alyson A; O, D; Kalaskar, Sudhir; S, M B B; Taylor, Lindsay; S, B; Thompson, Jon S; D, M; Ternent, Charles; D, M; Langenfeld, Sean J; D, M
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 2 August (16).pdf.jpg2016Understanding recurrent readmission after major surgery among patients with employer-provided health insuranceKim, Yuhree; H, M P; Ejaz, Aslam; H, M P; Xu, Li; Gani, Faiz; S, M B B; Canner, Joseph K; S, M H; Schneider, Eric B; Pawlik, Timothy M