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2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (26).pdf.jpg2016The American Board of Surgery examinations : how are the Southwestern Surgical Congress programs performing compared to the rest of the United States ?Fayyadh, Mohammed J Al; Ch, M B B; Rawlings, Jeremy A; S, B; Willis, Ross E; Falcone, John L; S, M; Stewart, Ronald M; D, M; Dent, Daniel L; D, M
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 5 November (26).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Distal scar-to-midline distance in pilonidal Limberg fl ap surgery is a recurrence-promoting factor : A multicenter , case-control studyKaplan, Mehmet; D, M; Ozcan, Onder; D, M; Bilgic, Ethem; D, M; Kaplan, Elif Tugce; S, M; Kaplan, Tugba; Kaplan, Fatma Cigdem; D, M
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 4 October (1).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Exploring the usage of a mobile phone application in transplanted patients to encourage medication compliance and educationZanetti-yabur, Alana; D, M; Rizzo, Amanda; S, B; Hayde, Nicole; S, M; Watkins, Anthony C; D, M; Rocca, Juan P; S, F A C; Graham, Jay A; D, M
medicine article j (62).pdf.jpg2015Appendectomy : a risk factor for colectomy in patients with Clostridium difficileYong, Felix A; S, M; Alvarado, Anthony M; Wang, Huaping; Tsai, Jerry; Estes, Norman C
medicine article j (2).pdf.jpg2015Association of anorectal malformation and intestinal malrotationChesley, Patrick M; Melzer, Lilah; Bradford, Miranda C; S, M; Avansino, Jeffrey R
medicine article j (122).pdf.jpg2015A blended online curriculum in the basic surgery clerkship : a pilot studyLindeman, Brenessa M; P, M E H; Law, Joanna K; Ed, M; Lipsett, Pamela A; E, M H P; Arbella, Trisha; Stem, Miloslawa; S, M; Lidor, Anne O
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 4 October (33).pdf.jpg2016Can a virtual reality assessment of fine motor skill predict successful central line insertion ?Mohamadipanah, Hossein; Parthiban, Chembian; S, M; Nathwani, Jay; Rutherford, Drew; S, M; Dimarco, Shannon; A, B; Pugh, Carla
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (25).pdf.jpg2017The changing pattern of diagnosing primary hyperparathyroidism in young patientsLou, Irene; D, M; Schneider, David F; S, M; Sippel, Rebecca S; D, M; Chen, Herbert; D, M; Elfenbein, Dawn M; H, M P
2015 AJS Volume 210 Issue 4 October (5).pdf.jpg2015Clinician perceptions of operating room to intensive care unit handoffs and implications for patient safety : a qualitative studyMcelroy, Lisa M; S, M; Macapagal, Kathryn R; Collins, Kelly M; Abecassis, Michael M; A, M B; Holl, Jane L; Ladner, Daniela P; Gordon, Elisa J
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 2 February (10).pdf.jpg2016A comparison of Google Glass and traditional video vantage points for bedside procedural skill assessmentEvans, Heather L; S, M; Shea, Dylan J O; A, B; Morris, Amy E; Keys, Kari A; Wright, Andrew S; Schaad, Douglas C; Ilgen, Jonathan S; R, M C
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (20).pdf.jpg2016Comparison of pulmonary function tests and perioperative outcomes after robotic-assisted pulmonary lobectomy vs segmentectomyEchavarria, Maria F; S, M; Cheng, Anna M; S, B; Velez-cubian, Frank O; D, M; Ng, Emily P; S, B; Moodie, Carla C; A, P; Garrett, Joseph R; H, M P; Fontaine, Jacques P; D, M; Robinson, Lary A; D, M; Toloza, Eric M
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 4 September (4).pdf.jpg2016Cosmetics use and age at menopause : is there a connection ?Chow, Erika T; S, M; Mahalingaiah, Shruthi; S, M
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 2 February (14).pdf.jpg2016Crowd-sourced assessment of technical skills : an opportunity for improvement in the assessment of laparoscopic surgical skillsDeal, Shanley B; Lendvay, Thomas S; Haque, Mohamad I; C, L T; Brand, Timothy; C, L T; Comstock, Bryan; S, M; Warren, Justin; A, M B; Alseidi, Adnan; Ed, M
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 4 April (12).pdf.jpg2016Demographics , disparities , and outcomes in substernal goiters in the United StatesMoten, Ambria S; Thibault, Dylan P; S, M; Willis, Allison W; Willis, Alliric I
medicine article j (59).pdf.jpg2015Does practice make perfect ? Resident experience with breast surgery influences excision adequacyPlichta, Jennifer K; S, M; Perez, Claudia B; S, M; He, Elizabeth; Bloom, Alexi; A, B; Abood, Gerard J; S, M; Godellas, Constantine
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 2 February (16).pdf.jpg2016Effectiveness of the Surgery Core Clerkship Flipped Classroom : a prospective cohort trialLiebert, Cara A; Lin, Dana T; Mazer, Laura M; S, M; Bereknyei, Sylvia; H, P; Lau, James N
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 4 September (8).pdf.jpg2016Endocrine disrupting chemicals and endometriosisSmarr, Melissa M; Kannan, Kurunthachalam; Louis, Germaine M Buck; S, M
2015 AJS Volume 210 Issue 1 July (3).pdf.jpg2015Errors upstream and downstream to the Universal Protocol associated with wrong surgery events in the Veterans Health AdministrationPaull, Douglas E; Mazzia, Lisa M; Neily, Julia; Mills, Peter D; S, M; Turner, James R; Gunnar, William; D, J; Hemphill, Robin
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 2 August (7).pdf.jpg2016Evaluating disparities in inpatient surgical cancer care among American Indian / Alaska Native patientsVarghese, Thomas K; S, M; Porter, Michael P; S, M; Henderson, Jeffrey A; H, M P; Buchwald, Dedra S; Flum, David R; H, M P; Javid, Sara H
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 6 June (2).pdf.jpg2016Evaluation of breviscapine on prevention of experimentally induced abdominal adhesions in ratsZhang, Hui; S, M; Song, Yu; Li, Zhiyong; S, M; Zhang, Ting; S, M; Zeng, Li