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2013Biological evaluation of novel substituted chloroquinolines targeting mycobacterial ATP synthaseKhan, S R; Singh, Supriya; Roy, K K; Akhtar, M S; Saxena, A K; Krishnan, M Y
2009Consensus Superiority of the Pharmacophore-based Alignment, Over Maximum Common Substructure (MCS): 3D-QSAR Studies on Carbamates as Acetylcholinesterase InhibitorsChaudhaery, S S; Roy, K K; Saxena, A K
2012Hierarchical Virtual Screening: Identification of Potential High Affinity and Selective β3 –Adrenergic Receptor AgonistsSaxena, A K; Roy, K K
2010Novel Carbamates as Orally Active Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors Found to Improve Scopolamine-Induced Cognition Impairment: Pharmacophore-Based Virtual Screening, Synthesis and PharmacologyChaudhaery, S S; Roy, K K; Shakya, Neeraj; Saxena, Gunjan; Sammi, Shreesh Raj; Nazir, Aamir; Nath, Chandishwar; Saxena, A K
2015Novel, potent, orally bioavailable and selective mycobacterial ATP synthase inhibitors that demonstrated activity against both replicating and non-replicating M. tuberculosisSingh, Supriya; Roy, K K; Khan, S R; Kashyap, V K; Sharma, Abhisheak; Jaiswal, Swati; Sharma, S K; Krishnan, M Y; Chaturvedi, Vineeta; Lal, Jawahar; Sinha, Sudhir; Gupta, A D; Srivastava, Ranjana; Saxena, A K
2009Substituted 1, 2, 3, 4-Tetrahydroquinolin-6-yloxypropanes as beta3-adrenergic receptor agonists: Design, synthesis, biological evaluation and pharmacophore modelingShakya, Neeraj; Roy, K K; Saxena, A K