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2014An argument for discovery-driven research: from physicist to cancer researcherRetsky, Michael W.
2009Comments on John D. Keen and James E. Keen, What is the point: will screening mammography save my life? BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making, 2009Retsky, Michael W.
2013How Long Should Adjuvant Chemotherapy Be Given in Early Stage Colon Cancer?Retsky, Michael W.
2004Hypothesis: Induced Angiogenesis after Surgery in Premenopausal Node-Positive Breast Cancer Patients Is a Major Underlying Reason Why Adjuvant Chemotherapy Works Particularly Well for Those PatientsBonadonna, Gianni; Demicheli, Romano; Folkman, Judah; Hrushesky, William; Valagussa, Pinuccia; Retsky, Michael W.
2009Hypothesis: Primary Antiangiogenic Method Proposed to Treat Early Stage Breast CancerHrushesky, William JM; Gukas, Isaac D; Retsky, Michael W.
2004Menopausal Status Dependence of the Timing of Breast Cancer Recurrence after Surgical Removal of the Primary TumourDemicheli, Romano; Bonadonna, Gianni; Hrushesky, William JM; Valagussa, Pinuccia; Retsky, Michael W.
2011Metronomic Chemotherapy Was Originally Designed and First Used in 1994 for Early Stage Cancer -- Why Is It Taking So Long to Proceed?Retsky, Michael W.
2014Multimodal Hazard Rate for Relapse in Breast Cancer: Quality of Data and Calibration of Computer SimulationRetsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano
2012NSAID analgesic ketorolac used perioperatively may suppress early breast cancer relapse: particular relevance to triple negative subgroupRetsky, Michael W.; Rogers, Rick A.; Demicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William J. M.; Gukas, Isaac; Vaidya, Jayant S.; Baum, Michael; Forget, Patrice; DeKock, Marc; Pachmann, Katharina
2012Promising development from translational or perhaps anti-translational research in breast cancerRetsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William JM; Forget, Patrice; De Kock, Marc; Gukas, Isaac; Rogers, Rick A.; Baum, Michael; Pachmann, Katharine; Vaidya, Jayant S
2004Recent Translational Research: Computational Studies of Breast CancerDemicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William; Speer, John; Swartzendruber, Douglas; Wardwell, Robert; Retsky, Michael W.
2008Recurrence Dynamics Does Not Depend on the Recurrence SiteDemicheli, Romano; Biganzoli, Elia; Boracchi, Patrizia; Greco, Marco; Retsky, Michael W.
2013Reduction of Breast Cancer Relapses with Perioperative Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: New Findings and a ReviewRetsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William; Forget, Patrice; Kock, Marc; Gukas, Isaac; Rogers, Rick A.; Baum, Michael; Sukhatme, Vikas Pandurang; Vaidya, Jayant
2010Surgery Triggers Outgrowth of Latent Distant Disease in Breast Cancer: An Inconvenient Truth?Retsky, Michael W.; Demicheli, Romano; Hrushesky, William; Baum, Michael; Gukas, Isaac