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medicine article ya (22).pdf.jpg2015Abdominal Pain and Vomiting in a 4-Year-Old BoyLarsen, Chari D; King, Marta A; Presentation, Case
medicine article ya (37).pdf.jpg2015Acute-Onset Tachypnea, Tachycardia, and Reduced Activity in a 16-Month-Old GirlJohnson, Jason; Absi, Mohammed Ali; Presentation, Case
medicine article ya (16).pdf.jpg2015Anterior Neck Swelling, Fever, and Hypertension in a 3-Year-Old BoyPresentation, Case
medicine article ya (36).pdf.jpg2015Bilateral Heel Pain in a 6-Year-Old BoyKelly, Brian D; Wilson, Kristina M; Presentation, Case
medicine article zz (8).pdf.jpg2014Failure to Thrive and Shaking Episodes inPresentation, Case
medicine article ya (3).pdf.jpg2015Fever and Neck Swelling in a 3-year-old BoyPresentation, Case
medicine article ya (2).pdf.jpg2015Hepatosplenomegaly in a 2-year-old BoyPresentation, Case
medicine article ya (11).pdf.jpg2015Joint Pain, Weight Loss, Fatigue, and Persistent Pleural Effusions in 17-year-old BoyPresentation, Case; Discussion, Case
medicine article ya (24).pdf.jpg2015Persistent Fevers and Abdominal Pain in a 13-Year-Old Neutropenic PatientRoss, Hayley L; Lee-miller, Cathy; Bagrosky, Brian; Rogers, Ashley E J; Presentation, Case
medicine article ya (38).pdf.jpg2015Rash, Recalcitrant Tachycardia, and Hypertension in a 16-Year-Old GirlPresentation, Case
medicine article zz (14).pdf.jpg2014Recurrent Epistaxis in a 4-Year-Old Boy Eosinophilia in a 5-Year-Old Boy Feeding Intolerance in a 3-Month-Old Girl With Trisomy 21Presentation, Case
medicine article ya (23).pdf.jpg2015Recurrent Fever and Thrombocytopenia in a 4-Year-Old GirlPresentation, Case
medicine article ya (29).pdf.jpg2015Respiratory Distress in a 3-Month-Old BoyPresentation, Case
2016 PIR Volume 37 Issue 4 April (12).pdf.jpg2016Two Cases of Abdominal Pain after TraumaHartman, Stephanie; Petroze, Robin; Mcgahren, Eugene; Presentation, Case; Discussion, Case