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medicine article zp (46).pdf.jpg2015Age of Transfused Blood in Critically Ill AdultsTinmouth, Alan; Cook, Deborah J; Marshall, John C; Clayton, Lucy; Mcintyre, Lauralyn; Callum, Jeannie; Turgeon, Alexis F; Blajchman, Morris a; Walsh, Timothy S; Stanworth, Simon J; Campbell, Helen; Phil, D; Capellier, Gilles; Tiberghien, Pierre; Bardiaux, Laurent; Watering, Leo Van De; Meer, Nardo J Van Der; Sabri, Elham; Vo, Dong; Eng, B
2017 NEJM Volume 377 Issue 15 October (21).pdf.jpg2017Air Pollution and Mortality in the Medicare PopulationMurray, Christopher J L; Phil, D
2016 NEJM Volume 374 Issue 21 May (13).pdf.jpg2016Blood-Pressure Lowering in Intermediate-Risk Persons without Cardiovascular DiseasePais, Prem; Diaz, Rafael; Xavier, Denis; Sliwa, Karen; Dans, Antonio; Avezum, Alvaro; Piegas, Leopoldo S; Keltai, Katalin; Keltai, Matyas; Toff, William D; Reid, Christopher M; Varigos, John; Sc, B; Leiter, Lawrence A; Molina, Dora I; Mckelvie, Robert; Pogue, Janice; Wilkinson, Joanne; Jung, Hyejung; Dagenais, Gilles; Yusuf, Salim; Phil, D; Investigators, Hope-
2015 NEJM Volume 372 Issue 24 June (19).pdf.jpg2015Burden of Clostridium difficile Infection in the United StatesDadelszen, Peter Von; Phil, D
medicine article zo (276).pdf.jpg2014Case 2-2014 : A 44-Year-Old Man with a Lesion on the PenisEfstathiou, Jason A; Phil, D; Harisinghani, Mukesh; Wu, Chin-lee
2018 NEJM Volume 378 Issue 15 April (6).pdf.jpg2018Cl inic a l I m pl ic a t ions of B a sic R e se a rch Finding a Treatment for ALS — Will Gene Editing Cut It ?Chalabi, Ammar Al; Brown, Robert H; Phil, D
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 20 November (13).pdf.jpg2016Diabetes and Cause-Specific Mortality in Mexico CityGnatiuc, Louisa; Sc, M; Ramirez, Raul; Hill, Michael; Phil, D; Baigent, Colin; Mccarthy, Mark I; Lewington, Sarah; Phil, D; Collins, Rory; Whitlock, Gary; Conyer, Roberto Tapia; Peto, Richard; Morales, Pablo Kuri; Emberson, Jonathan R
2018Diagnostic ef fi cacy of blastocoel fl uid and spent media as sources of DNA for preimplantation genetic testing in standard clinical conditionsCapalbo, Antonio; Ph, D; Romanelli, Valeria; Ph, D; Patassini, Cristina; Sc, M; Poli, Maurizio; Phil, D
2016 NEJM Volume 374 Issue 14 April (13).pdf.jpg2016Editorials Antenatal Glucocorticoids for Late Preterm Birth ?Crowther, Caroline A; Harding, Jane E; Phil, D
2016 AHJ Volume 178 August (16).pdf.jpg2016Effect of apixaban on brain infarction and microbleeds : AVERROES-MRI assessment studyDonnell, Martin J O; Eikelboom, John W; Yusuf, Salim; Phil, D
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 13 September (19).pdf.jpg2016Effectiveness of Fluticasone Furoate– Vilanterol for COPD in Clinical PracticeNew, John; Gibson, J Martin; Mccorkindale, Sheila; Ch, B; Collier, Susan; Ch, B; Crawford, Jodie; Sc, M; Frith, Lucy; Sc, M; Harvey, Catherine; Phil, D; Svedsater, Henrik; Woodcock, Ashley
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 24 December (9).pdf.jpg2016Five-Year Outcomes after Off-Pump or On-Pump Coronary-Artery Bypass GraftingPadmanabhan, Chandrasekar; Bahamondes, Juan Carlos; Novick, Richard J; Tao, Liang; Olavegogeascoechea, Pablo A; Airan, Balram; Sulling, Toomas Andres; Whitlock, Richard P; Ou, Yongning; Sc, M; Gao, Peggy; Sc, M; Pettit, Shirley; Yusuf, Salim; Phil, D; Investigators, Cor
2016 NEJM Volume 374 Issue 14 April (17).pdf.jpg2016Fresh Fruit Consumption and Major Cardiovascular Disease in ChinaGuo, Yu; Key, Timothy J; Phil, D; Bian, Zheng; Sherliker, Paul; Gao, Haiyan; Chen, Yiping; Phil, D; Yang, Ling; Chen, Junshi; Collins, Rory; Sci, F Med; Peto, Richard; Chen, Zhengming; Phil, D; Study, Biobank
2016 FS Volume 105 Issue 2 February (35).pdf.jpg2016Implementation of the fi ndings of a national enquiry into the misdiagnosis of miscarriage in the Republic of Ireland : impact on quality of clinical careLedger, William L; Phil, D; Turner, Michael J
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 25 December (13).pdf.jpg2016in Africa between 1990 and 2015Bisanzio, Donal; Bhatt, Samir; Phil, D; Cameron, Ewan; Battle, Katherine E; Phil, D; Dalrymple, Ursula; Sc, B; Rozier, Jennifer; Sc, M; Rao, Puja C; Kutz, Michael J; Barber, Ryan M; Huynh, Chantal; Shackelford, Katya A; Coates, Matthew M; Nguyen, Grant; Fraser
2017 NEJM Volume 376 Issue 9 March (9).pdf.jpg2017Informed Consent ConsentGrady, Christine; Cummings, Steven R; Rowbotham, Michael C; Mcconnell, Michael V; Ashley, Euan a; Phil, D; Kang, Gagandeep
2016 AJSN Volume 211 Issue 1 January (19).pdf.jpg2016Inguinal hernia repair with Parietex ProGrip mesh causes minimal discomfort and allows early return to normal activitiesSamra, Jaswinder S; Phil, D; Eng, F R C S; S, F R A C; Wickins, Simon; S, M B B; Sweeney, Edmund; A, F A N Z C; Hugh, Thomas J; S, F R A C
2016 NEJM Volume 735 Issue 2 July (18).pdf.jpg2016Ipilimumab for Patients with Relapse after Allogeneic TransplantationCostello, Caitlin; Liguori, Rebecca; Savell, Alexandra; Lukez, Alexander P; Avigan, David; Chen, Yi Bin; Rooney, Michael S; Bowden, Michaela; Zhou, Chensheng W; Granter, Scott R; Hornick, Jason L; Rodig, Scott J; Koreth, John; Phil, D; Alyea, Edwin P; Antin, Joseph H; Armand, Philippe; Streicher, Howard; Ball, Edward D; Ritz, Jerome; Bashey, Asad; Soiffer, Robert J
2018 NEJM Volume 379 Issue 2 July (20).pdf.jpg2018Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane MariaEbner, Peggy; Sorensen, Cecilia; Racy, Fabio; Lemery, Jay; Balsari, Satchit; Buckee, Caroline O; Phil, D
2015 NEJM Volume 373 Issue 16 October (6).pdf.jpg2015Neonatal Glycemia and Neurodevelopmental Outcomes at 2 YearsAnsell, Judith M; Anstice, Nicola S; Chase, J Geoffrey; Gamble, Gregory D; Harris, Deborah L; Jacobs, Robert J; Jiang, Yannan; Paudel, Nabin; Optom, B; Signal, Matthew; Harding, Jane E; Phil, D; Study, Chyld