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2015 NEJM Volume 373 Issue 21 November (9).pdf.jpg2015Activity of Oral ALS-008176 in a Respiratory Syncytial Virus Challenge StudyFathi, Hosnieh; Westland, Christopher; Chanda, Sushmita; Williams, Rob Lambkin; Smith, Patrick; Pharm, D; Zhang, Qingling; Beigelman, Leo; Blatt, Lawrence M; Fry, John
medicine article an (188).pdf.jpg2015Are semen parameters related toDupont, Charlotte; Pharm, D; Chavatte-palmer, Pascale
2015 PIDJ Volume 34 Issue 8 August (33).pdf.jpg2015Australia-wide Point Prevalence Survey of Antimicrobial Prescribing in Neonatal UnitsMuch, How; Good, How; Isaacs, David; Lai, Tony B; Nourse, Clare; Avent, Minyon; Pharm, D; Moriarty, Paul; Francis, Joshua R; Blyth, Christopher C
2018 NEJMedicine Volume 379 Issue 17 October (4).pdf.jpg2018C or r e sp ondence Mortality in Puerto Rico after Hurricane MariaMurray, Joshua; Sc, M; Mamdani, Muhammad M; Pharm, D
2018 NEJM Volume 378 Issue 25 June (4).pdf.jpg2018C or r e sp ondence Retraction and Republication : Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet . N Engl J Med 2013 ; 368 : 1279-90 . 2447 Are We Prepared for Nuclear Terrorism ? Molecular Minimal Residual Disease in Acute MyeloiRos, Emilio; Covas, Maria Isabel; Pharm, D
medicine article zp (132).pdf.jpg2015Carfilzomib, Lenalidomide, and Dexamethasone for Relapsed Multiple MyelomaHájek, Roman; Rosiñol, Laura; Siegel, David S; Tonda, Margaret E; Pharm, D; Yang, Xinqun; Xing, Biao
2015 NEJM Volume 373 Issue 22 November (16).pdf.jpg2015Clinical Implications of Basic Research Resolvin Infectious Inflammation by Targeting the Host ResponseLee, Craig R; Pharm, D; Zeldin, Darryl C
medicine article zp (139).pdf.jpg2015Clinical Presentation of Patients with Ebola Virus Disease in Conakry, GuineaJacob, Shevin T; Brett-major, David M; Vallenas, Constanza; Clement, Christophe; Mardel, Simon; Faye, Ousmane; Faye, Oumar; Soropogui, Baré; Pharm, D; Magassouba, Nfaly; Koivogui, Lamine; Pharm, D
2018 NEJM Volume 378 Issue 14 April (15).pdf.jpg2018A Cluster-Randomized Trial of Blood- Pressure Reduction in Black BarbershopsVictor, Ronald G; Lynch, Kathleen; Pharm, D; Li, Ning; Blyler, Ciantel; Pharm, D; Muhammad, Eric; Handler, Joel; Brettler, Jeffrey; Rashid, Mohamad; Ch, B; Hsu, Brent; Drew, Davontae Foxx; Moy, Norma; Reid, Anthony E; Elashoff, Robert M
2018 NEJM Volume 378 Issue 26 June (12).pdf.jpg2018Combined Analysis of Asthma Safety Trials of Long-Acting β 2 -AgonistsCaplan, Arthur L; Kelly, H William; Pharm, D; Byrne, Paul M O; Rabe, Klaus F; Chinchilli, Vernon M
medicine article zn (52).pdf.jpg2013Dolutegravir plus Abacavir–Lamivudine for the Treatment of HIV-1 InfectionDuiculescu, Dan; Eberhard, Andrea; Gutiérrez, Felix; Hocqueloux, Laurent; Maggiolo, Franco; Sandkovsky, Uriel; Granier, Catherine; Pappa, Keith; Pharm, D; Wynne, Brian; Min, Sherene; Nichols, Garrett; Investigators, Single
2018 AJoP Volume 175 Issue 7 July (11).pdf.jpg2018Ef fi cacy and Safety of Intranasal Esketamine for the Rapid Reduction of Symptoms of Depression and Suicidality in Patients at Imminent Risk for Suicide : Results of a Double-Blind , Randomized , Placebo-Controlled StudyCanuso, Carla M; Singh, Jaskaran B; Fedgchin, Maggie; Pharm, D; Alphs, Larry; Lane, Rosanne
2016 AJP Volume 173 Issue 12 December (11).pdf.jpg2016Ef fi cacy of Quetiapine Monotherapy in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder : A Randomized , Placebo-Controlled TrialVillarreal, Gerardo; Hamner, Mark B; Cañive, José M; Robert, Sophie; Pharm, D
2015 AJS Volume 210 Issue 5 November (2).pdf.jpg2015The effect of mechanical bowel preparation on anastomotic leaks in elective left-sided colorectal resectionsUrbach, David; C, F R C S; Lebovic, Gerald; Mamdani, Muhammad; Pharm, D; Jackson, Timothy D
2016 NEJM Volume 734 Issue 26 June (13).pdf.jpg2016Efficacy and Safety of Midostaurin in Advanced Systemic MastocytosisGeorge, Tracy I; Akin, Cem; Sotlar, Karl; Hermine, Olivier; Awan, Farrukh T; Hexner, Elizabeth; Villeneuve, Matthieu; Sc, M; Labed, Alice Huntsman; Stanek, Eric J; Pharm, D; Hartmann, Karin; Horny, Hans Peter; Valent, Peter; Reiter, Andreas
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (2).pdf.jpg2017Embryo multinucleation at the two-cell stage is an independent predictor of intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcomesLuu, Maxime; Barberet, Julie; Pharm, D
2015 NEJM Volume 373 Issue 16 October (8).pdf.jpg2015Emergency Department Visits for Adverse Events Related to Dietary SupplementsWeidle, Nina J; Pharm, D; Lovegrove, Maribeth C; Wolpert, Beverly J; Timbo, Babgaleh B
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 5 May (12).pdf.jpg2016Emergent reversal of vitamin K antagonists : addressing all the factorsMartin, David T; Barton, Cassie A; Pharm, D; Dodgion, Christopher; Schreiber, Martin
medicine article an (60).pdf.jpg2015External validation of a time-lapse prediction modelPharm, D; Fleuter, Le; Pharm, D; Lammers, Jenna
2016 NEJM Volume 374 Issue 2 January (22).pdf.jpg2016FDA Approval of Flibanserin — Treating Hypoactive Sexual Desire DisorderNguyen, Christine; Dunn, Somya; Lehrfeld, Kimberly; Pharm, D; Lee, Laiming; Kim, Myong-jin; Pharm, D; Slagle, Ashley F; Beitz, Julie