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2017 AJP Volume 174 Issue 11 November (1).pdf.jpg2017The 20-Year Longitudinal Trajectories of Social Functioning in Individuals With Psychotic DisordersVelthorst, Eva; Ph, D; Fett, Anne-kathrin J; Ph, D; Reichenberg, Avraham; Ph, D; Perlman, Greg; Ph, D; Os, Jim Van; Ph, D
2017 AJP Volume 174 Issue 8 August (7).pdf.jpg20172016 Annual Report of the ABPNSecretary, Board; Levin, Kerry; Treasurer, Board; Goodman, J Clay; Member-at-large, Board; Keepers, George; Member-at-large, Board; Ronis, Robert; Golden, Robert; Joshi, Paramjit; Lyness, Jeffrey; Ronis, Robert; Thomas, Christopher; Bodensteiner, John; Brashear, Allison; Goodman, J Clay; Levin, Kerry; Lewis, Steven; Schor, Nina; Ph, D
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (15).pdf.jpg2017Accurate quantitation of mitochondrial DNA reveals uniform levels in human blastocysts irrespective of ploidy , age , or implantation potentialVictor, Andrea R; Brake, Alan J; Tyndall, Jack C; Grif, K; Ph, D
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 7 December (23).pdf.jpg2016Addition of neither recombinant nor urinary luteinizing hormone was associated with an improvement in the outcome of autologous in vitro fertilization / intracytoplasmatic sperm injection cycles under regular clinical settings : a multicenter observationaSchwarze, Juan-enrique; Sc, M; Crosby, Javier A; Ph, D; Zegers-hochschild, Fernando; D, M
2016 AJRCCM Volume 193 Issue 2 January (13).pdf.jpg2016also virulence potential of S. aureus as an important factor that contributes to infection outcome. nVillaruz, Amer E; Ph, D; Sobrinho, Moises T; Ronchi, Carlos F; Otto, Michael; Ph, D; Kd, Barbian; Aj, Mccarthy; Street, C; Dl, Hirschberg
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (26).pdf.jpg2016The American Board of Surgery examinations : how are the Southwestern Surgical Congress programs performing compared to the rest of the United States ?Fayyadh, Mohammed J Al; Ch, M B B; Rawlings, Jeremy A; S, B; Willis, Ross E; Ph, D; Falcone, John L; S, M; Stewart, Ronald M; D, M; Dent, Daniel L; D, M
2017 AHJ Volume 186 April (2).pdf.jpg2017American Heart JournalJones, Carl E; Ph, D
2017 AHJ Volume 187 May (4).pdf.jpg2017American Heart JournalJones, Carl E; Ph, D
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 4 October (37).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Cell-based skin substitutes accelerate regeneration of extensive burn wounds in ratsMotamed, Sadrollah; D, M; Taghiabadi, Ehsan; Sc, M; Molaei, Hojjat; D, M; Sodei, Niloofar; D, M; Hassanpour, Seyed Esmaeil; D, M; Sha, Saeed; D, M; Azargashb, Enzollah; Ph, D; Farajzadeh-vajari, Fatemeh; D, M; Aghdami, Nasser; Ph, D; Bajouri, Amir; D, M
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 5 November (19).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Surgical outcomes in women 70 years undergoing mastectomy with and without reconstruction for breast cancerMays, Simone; Alabdulkareem, Hanan; Christos, Paul; Ph, D; Simmons, Rache; Moo, Tracy-ann
2017 FS Volume 108 Issue 4 October (23).pdf.jpg2017Analysis of the morphological dynamics of blastocysts after vitri fi cation / warming : de fi ning new predictive variables of implantationPh, D; Alegre, Lucia; Ph, D
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2017Applying the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program risk calculator to patients undergoing colorectal surgery : theory vs realityAdegboyega, Titilayo O; D, M; Borgert, Andrew J; Ph, D; Lambert, Pamela J; N, R; Jarman, Benjamin T; S, F A C
2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 7 December (28).pdf.jpg2016Are proton-pump inhibitors harmful for the semen quality of men in couples who are planning pregnancy ?Huijgen, Nicole A; Ridder, Maria A J De; Ph, D; Verhamme, Katia M; Ph, D; Dohle, Gert R; Ph, D
2017 FS Volume 108 Issue 4 October (19).pdf.jpg2017Assisted hatching and live births in fi rst-cycle frozen embryo transfersKnudtson, Jennifer F; Failor, Courtney M; Gelfond, Jonathan A; Ph, D
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (24).pdf.jpg2017Association between clinical variables and mortality after parathyroidectomy in maintenance hemodialysis patientsChen, Jin-bor; D, M; Chou, Fong-fu; D, M; Yang, Cheng-hong; Ph, D; Hua, Moi-sin; Ph, D
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (23).pdf.jpg2017Associations of parity and age at fi rst pregnancy with overall and cause-speci fi c mortality in the Cancer Prevention Study IIGaudet, Mia M; Ph, D; Carter, Brian D; Hildebrand, Janet S; Patel, Alpa V; Ph, D
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (7).pdf.jpg2016Attribution 2 . 0 : whose complication is it ?Hambright, Greg; D, M; Jackson, Theresa; D, M; Agrawal, Vaidehi; Ph, D; Arazosa, Antonio; D, M; Newman, Benjamin; D, M; Truitt, Michael S; D, M
2016 AJP Volume 173 Issue 12 December (13).pdf.jpg2016Blunted Neural Response to Rewards as a Prospective Predictor of the Development of Depression in Adolescent GirlsNelson, Brady D; Ph, D; Perlman, Greg; Ph, D; Klein, Daniel N; Ph, D; Kotov, Roman; Ph, D; Hajcak, Greg; Ph, D
2016 NEJM Volume 375 Issue 25 December (5).pdf.jpg2016C or r e sp ondence Daratumumab and Blood-Compatibility Testing Andexanet Alfa for Factor Xa Inhibitor ReversalAlarcón, Ana; Krsnik, Isabel; Ph, D
2017 NEJM Volume 376 Issue 2 January (12).pdf.jpg2017Case 1-2017 : A 70-Year-Old Woman with Gradually Progressive Loss of LanguageMesulam, M Marsel; Dickerson, Bradford C; Sherman, Janet C; Ph, D; Hochberg, Daisy; Gonzalez, R Gilberto