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2009A facile synthesis of α, α´-(EE)-bis(benzylidene)-cycloalkanones and their antitubercular evaluationsSingh, Nimisha; Pandey, Jyoti; Yadav, Amit; Chaturvedi, Vinita; Bhatnagar, Shalini; Gaikwad, Anil N; Sinha, Sudhir Kumar; Kumar, Awaneet; Shukla, P K; Tripathi, R P
2008Aldol reaction of β-C-glycosidic ketones: synthesis of E- cinnamoyl glycosides as precursors for new biologically active C-glycosidesBisht, Surendra Singh; Pandey, Jyoti; Sharma, Anindra; Tripathi, R P
2008An efficient chemoselective etherification of phenols in polyfunctional aromatic compoundsPandey, Jyoti; Mishra, Mridul; Bisht, Surendra Singh; Sharma, Anindra; Tripathi, R P
2009An efficient regioselective synthesis of functionalized biphenyls via sequential reactions of aromatic aldehydes and β-keto esters or ketonesSharma, Anindra; Pandey, Jyoti; Tripathi, R P
2008D-Glucosamine, a natural aminosugar as organocatalyst for an ecofriendly direct aldol reaction of ketones with aromatic aldehydes in waterSingh, Nimisha; Pandey, Jyoti; Tripathi, R P
2007Diastereoselective synthesis of glycosylated prolines as α-glucosidase inhibitors and organocatalyst in asymmetric aldol reactionPandey, Jyoti; Dwivedi, Namrata; Srivastava, A K; Tamarkar, A; Tripathi, R P
2009L-Ascorbic acid in Organic Synthesis: An OverviewTripathi, R P; Singh, Biswajit; Bisht, Surendra Singh; Pandey, Jyoti
2008NAD+ -dependent DNA ligase: A novel target waiting for the right inhibitorDwivedi, Namrata; Dube, Divya; Pandey, Jyoti; Singh, Biswajit; Kukshal, Vandna; Ramachandran, Ravishankar; Tripathi, R P
2009Organocatalyzed highly atom economic one pot synthesis of tetrahydropyridines as antimalarialsMisra, Mridul; Pandey, Swaroop Kumar; Pandey, Vivek Parashar; Pandey, Jyoti; Tripathi, Renu; Tripathi, R P
2008Recent Development on Catalytic Reductive Amination and ApplicationsTripathi, R P; Verma, Shyam S; Pandey, Jyoti; Tiwari, Vinod K
2006Recent Developments in search of Antifilarial AgentsTripathi, R P; Katiyar, Diksha; Singh, Biswajit K; Pandey, Jyoti
2009Solution phase synthesis of a library of carbapeptide analogues based on glycosylamino acid scaffolds, their in silico screening and antimicrobial evaluationPandey, Jyoti; Sharma, Anindra; Tiwari, Vinod K; Dube, Divya; Ramachandran, Ravishankar; Chaturvedi, Vinita; Sinha, Sudhir; Mishra, Nripendra N; Shukla, P K; Tripathi, R P
2009Synthesis and antitubercular screening of imidazole derivativesPandey, Jyoti; Tiwari, Vinod K; Verma, Shyam S; Chaturvedi, Vinita; Bhatnagar, Shalini; Sinha, Sudhir; Gaikwad, A N; Tripathi, R P
2011Synthesis, in silico screening and bioevaluation of dispiro-cycloalkanones as antitubercular and mycobacterial NAD+-dependent DNA ligase inhibitorsTripathi, R P; Pandey, Jyoti; Kukshal, Vandana; Ajay, Arya; Mishra, Mridul; Dube, Divya; Chopra, Deepti; Dwivedi, R; Chaturvedi, Vinita