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2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 6 June (8).pdf.jpg2016Abdominal closure protocol in colorectal , gynecologic oncology , and urology procedures : a randomized quality improvement trialCarda, Stacy Jo; N, B S; Mills-hokanson, Alyssia; N, R; Wood, Elizabeth; R, C N O; Rivard-hunt, Colleen; Argenta, Peter A
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2017Applying the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program risk calculator to patients undergoing colorectal surgery : theory vs realityAdegboyega, Titilayo O; D, M; Borgert, Andrew J; Lambert, Pamela J; N, R; Jarman, Benjamin T; S, F A C
2015 AJS Volume 210 Issue 2 August (27).pdf.jpg2015Computed tomography-gastro-colonography for percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy using a helical computed tomographyKato, Kazuya; Taniguchi, Masahiko; Iwasaki, Yoshiaki; Sasahara, Keita; T, R; Nagase, Atsushi; Onodera, Kazuhiko; Matsuda, Minoru; Inaba, Yuhei; Kawakami, Takako; Higuchi, Mineko; N, R; Kobashi, Yuko; Furukawa, Hiroyuki
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (29).pdf.jpg2017Development of a rapid response plan for intraoperative emergencies : the Circulate , Scrub , and Technical Assistance TeamEarle, David; S, F A C; Betti, Diane; N, R; Scala, Emilia; N, R
2016 AJSN Volume 211 Issue 1 January (43).pdf.jpg2016The effect of multidisciplinary teams for rectal cancer on delivery of care and patient outcome : has the use of multidisciplinary teams for rectal cancer affected the utilization of available resources , proportion of patients meeting the standard of carRichardson, Bradford; Preskitt, John; Lichliter, Warren; Peschka, Stephanie; N, R; Carmack, Susanne; Prisco, Gregory De; Fleshman, James
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 1 July (7).pdf.jpg2016Hypoalbuminemia at admission is associated with increased incidence of in-hospital complications in geriatric trauma patientsGarwe, Tabitha; Albrecht, Roxie M; Stoner, Julie A; Mitchell, Stephanie; N, R; Motghare, Prasenjeet; S, M B B
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 5 May (15).pdf.jpg2016Improving access to bariatric surgery : early surgical and patient-focused outcomes of a rural obesity clinicChan, Angela W; Hopkins, Julie; N, R; Gagnon, Isabelle; Birch, Daniel W
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 4 April (5).pdf.jpg2016Influence of physician , patient , and health care system characteristics on the use of outpatient mastectomyShahbazi, Sara; Woods, Stephanie J; N, R
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 4 April (1).pdf.jpg2016Is the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program surgical risk calculator applicable for breast cancer patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery ?Lyle, Brian; Landercasper, Jeffrey; Johnson, Jeanne M; Al-hamadani, Mohammed; Ch, M B B; Vang, Choua A; Groshek, Jacqueline; Hennessy, Joy L; N, R; Theede, Lonna M; N, R; Zutavern, Kristin; Linebarger, Jared H
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 3 September (9).pdf.jpg2016Management of acute appendicitis in a rural populationBorgstrom, David C; Lopez, Marcos; S, M; Hoesterey, Daniel; S, M; Victory, Jennifer; N, R; Urayeneza, Olivier
medicine article j (11).pdf.jpg2015North Pacific Surgical Association A simplified trauma triage system safely reduces overtriage and improves provider satisfaction : a prospective studyShawhan, Robert R; Mcvay, Derek P; O, D; Casey, Linda; N, R; Spears, Tara; N, R; Steele, Scott R; Martin, Matthew J
2016 AJSN Volume 211 Issue 1 January (13).pdf.jpg2016Pancreaticoduodenectomy hospital resource utilization in octogenariansLangan, Russell C; Huang, Chun-chih; Mao, Weisheng Renee; Harris, Katherine; Chapman, Will; S, M; Fehring, Charles; S, M; Oza, Kesha; S, M; Jackson, Patrick G; Jha, Reena; Haddad, Nadim; Carroll, John; Hanna, Jane; N, R; Parker, Ann; P, L N; Al-refaie, Waddah B; Johnson, Lynt B; A, M B
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 3 March (21).pdf.jpg2016Patency of the Viabahn stent graft for the treatment of outflow stenosis in hemodialysis graftsCarmona, Jorge; Rits, Yevgeniy; Jones, Brandt; O, D; Dowers, Larry; Bednarski, Donna; N, R; Rubin, Jeffrey R
2015 AJS Volume 210 Issue 5 November (24).pdf.jpg2015Predictors of failure in the Advanced Trauma Life Support courseMobily, Matthew; Branco, Bernardino C; Joseph, Bellal; Hernandez, Nancy; N, R; Catalano, Richard D; Judkins, Daniel G; Green, Donald J; Kulvatunyou, Narong; Rhee, Peter; Tang, Andrew L
medicine article j (38).pdf.jpg2015A prospective evaluation of standard versus battery-powered sequential compression devices in postsurgical patientsObi, Andrea T; Alvarez, Rafael; Reames, Bradley N; S, M; Moote, Marc J; A, P; Thompson, Maureen A; N, R; Wakefield, Thomas W; Henke, Peter K