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2017 AJR Volume 209 Issue 3 September (18).pdf.jpg2017Active surveillance of nonfatty renal masses in patients with lymphangioleiomyomatosis: Use of ct features and patterns of growth to differentiate angiomyolipoma from renal cancerAvila, Nilo a.; Dwyer, Andrew J.; Moss, Joel
2016 AJRCCM Volume 194 Issue 6 September (26).pdf.jpg2016AMERICAN THORACIC SOCIETY Of fi cial American Thoracic Society / Japanese Respiratory Society Clinical Practice Guidelines : Lymphangioleiomyomatosis Diagnosis and ManagementMccormack, Francis X; Gupta, Nishant; Finlay, Geraldine R; Young, Lisa R; Taveira-dasilva, Angelo M; Glasgow, Connie G; Steagall, Wendy K; Johnson, Simon R; Sahn, Steven A; Ryu, Jay H; Strange, Charlie; Seyama, Kuniaki; Sullivan, Eugene J; Kotloff, Robert M; Downey, Gregory P; Chapman, Jeffrey T; Han, Meilan K; Armiento, Jeanine M D; Inoue, Yoshikazu; Henske, Elizabeth P; Bissler, John J; Colby, Thomas V; Kinder, Brent W; Wikenheiser-brokamp, Kathryn A; Brown, Kevin K; Cordier, Jean F; Meyer, Cristopher; Cottin, Vincent; Brozek, Jan L; Smith, Karen; Wilson, Kevin C; Moss, Joel; Jrs, A T S
2016 AJRCCM Volume 193 Issue 7 April (25).pdf.jpg2016BEAR Cage: Mentoring through EngagementReiss, Theodore F.; Moss, Joel; Watkins, Timothy R.; Malhotra, Atul
2017 AJRCCM Volume 196 Issue 10 November (26).pdf.jpg2017Lymphangioleiomyomatosis diagnosis and management: High-resolution chest computed tomography, transbronchial lung biopsy, and pleural disease management an Official American thoracic society/Japanese respiratory society clinical practice guidelineGupta, Nishant; Finlay, Geraldine a.; Kotloff, Robert M.; Strange, Charlie; Wilson, Kevin C.; Young, Lisa R.; Taveira-DaSilva, Angelo M.; Johnson, Simon R.; Cottin, Vincent; Sahn, Steven a.; Ryu, Jay H.; Seyama, Kuniaki; Inoue, Yoshikazu; Downey, Gregory P.; Han, Mei Lan K.; Colby, Thomas V.; Wikenheiser-Brokamp, Kathryn a.; Meyer, Cristopher a.; Smith, Karen; Moss, Joel; McCormack, Francis X.
2018 AJoRCCM Volume 197 Issue 11 June (26).pdf.jpg2018Reply to Yanagisawa: Treatment of Pulmonary Lymphangioleiomyomatosis during PregnancyGupta, Nishant; Johnson, Simon R.; Moss, Joel; McCormack, Francis X.