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2003A Longitudinal Study of Adult-Onset Asthma Incidence among HMO MembersSama, Susan R; Hunt, Phillip R; Cirillo, CIH Priscilla; Marx, Arminda; Rosiello, Richard A; Henneberger, Paul K; Milton, Donald Kirby
2002A Study of Indoor Carbon Dioxide Levels and Sick Leave among Office WorkersMyatt, Theodore A; Staudenmayer, John; Adams, Kate; Walters, Michael D.; Rudnick, Stephen N.; Milton, Donald Kirby
2003Airborne Rhinovirus Detection and Effect of Ultraviolet Irradiation on Detection by a Semi-Nested RT-PCR AssayMyatt, Theodore A; Johnston, Sebastian L; Rudnick, Stephen N.; Milton, Donald Kirby
2009Characterization of Occupational Exposures to Cleaning Products Used for Common Cleaning Tasks-A Pilot Study of Hospital CleanersBello, Anila; Quinn, Margaret M.; Perry, Melissa J.; Milton, Donald Kirby
2012Collection of Aerosolized Human Cytokines Using Teflon® FiltersHwang, Grace M.; McKenzie, Jennifer Helen; McDevitt, James J; Fabian, Maria Patricia; Milton, Donald Kirby
2011Effects of Endotoxin Exposure on Childhood Asthma Risk are Modified by a Genetic Polymorphism in ACAA1Poon, Audrey; Belanger, Kathleen; Bracken, Michael B; Triche, Elizabeth W; Leaderer, Brian P; Sordillo, Joanne; Sharma, Sunita; Su, Jessica Ann Lasky; Milton, Donald Kirby; Gold, Diane R.; Litonjua, Augusto Ampil
2005Home endotoxin exposure and wheeze in infants: correction for bias due to exposure measurement errorHorick, Nora; Weller, Edie A.; Milton, Donald Kirby; Gold, Diane R.; Li, Ruifeng; Spiegelman, Donna Lynn
2005Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Associated with Environmental MycobacteriaKallay, Michael; Sood, Akshay; Zuo, Zhengfa; Beckett, William Stewart; Milton, Donald Kirby
2008Inactivation of Poxviruses by Upper-Room UVC Light in a Simulated Hospital Room EnvironmentMcDevitt, James J; Milton, Donald Kirby; Rudnick, Stephen N.; First, Melvin W.
2008Influenza and Ultraviolet Germicidal IrradiationRadonovich, Lewis J.; Martinello, Richard A.; Hodgson, Michael; Milton, Donald Kirby; Nardell, Edward Anthony
2013Influenza Virus Aerosols in Human Exhaled Breath: Particle Size, Culturability, and Effect of Surgical MasksMilton, Donald Kirby; Fabian, Maria Patricia; Cowling, Benjamin J.; Grantham, Michael L.; McDevitt, James J
2008Influenza Virus in Human Exhaled Breath: An Observational StudyFabian, Patricia; McDevitt, James J; DeHaan, Wesley H.; Fung, Rita O. P.; Cowling, Benjamin J.; Chan, Kwok Hung; Leung, Gabriel M.; Milton, Donald Kirby; Fouchier, Ron A. M.
1999Occupational Asthma and Contact Dermatitis in a Spray Painter after Introduction of an Aziridine Cross-Linker.Leffler, C T; Milton, Donald Kirby
2002Populations and determinants of airborne fungi in large office buildingsChao, H Jasmine; Burge, Harriet A; Schwartz, Joel David; Milton, Donald Kirby
2010Quantitative Assessment of Airborne Exposures Generated during Common Cleaning Tasks: A Pilot StudyBello, Anila; Quinn, Margaret M.; Perry, Melissa J.; Milton, Donald Kirby
2012What was the primary mode of smallpox transmission? Implications for biodefenseMilton, Donald Kirby
2005Within-home versus between-home variability of house dust endotoxin in a birth cohortAbraham, Joseph H.; Park, Ju-Hyeong; Gold, Diane R.; Ryan, Louise Marie; Milton, Donald Kirby; Dockery, Douglas W.