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2012A comprehensive approach to women’s health: lessons from the Mexican health reformFrenk, Julio; Gómez-Dantés, Octavio; Langer, Ana
2014Approaches to improve Quality of Care (QoC) for women and newborns: conclusions, evidence gaps and research prioritiesBhutta, Zulfiqar A; Salam, Rehana A; Lassi, Zohra S; Austin, Anne; Langer, Ana
2014Approaches to improve the quality of maternal and newborn health care: an overview of the evidenceAustin, Anne; Langer, Ana; Salam, Rehana A; Lassi, Zohra S; Das, Jai K; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A
2016 LANCET Volume 388 Issue 10056 November (5).pdf.jpg2016Beyond "Too Little, Too Late" and Too Much, Too Soon": A pathway towards evidence-based, respectful maternaity care worldwideMiller, Suellen; Abalos, Edgatdo; Chamillar, Monica; Ciapponi, Agustin; Colaci, Daniela; Comande, Daniel; Diaz, Virginia; Geller, Stacie; Hanson, Claudia; Langer, Ana; Manuelli, Victoria; Millar, Kathryn; Morhason-Bello, Imran; Pileggi, Vicky Nogueira; Castro, Cynthia
2014Disrespect and Abuse During Childbirth in Tanzania: Are Women Living With HIV More Vulnerable?Sando, David; Kendall, Tamil; Lyatuu, Goodluck; Ratcliffe, Hannah; McDonald, Kathleen; Mwanyika-Sando, Mary; Emil, Faida; Chalamilla, Guerino; Langer, Ana
2014Eliminating Preventable HIV-Related Maternal Mortality in Sub-Saharan Africa: What Do We Need to Know?Kendall, Tamil; Danel, Isabella; Cooper, Diane; Dilmitis, Sophie; Kaida, Angela; Kourtis, Athena P.; Langer, Ana; Lapidos-Salaiz, Ilana; Lathrop, Eva; Moran, Allisyn C.; Sebitloane, Hannah; Turan, Janet M.; Watts, D. Heather; Wegner, Mary Nell
2014Health Systems Integration of Sexual and Reproductive Health and HIV Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Scoping StudyHope, Rebecca; Kendall, Tamil; Langer, Ana; Bärnighausen, Till
2014Improving Women s Health through Universal Health CoverageQuick, Jonathan; Jay, Jonathan; Langer, Ana
2013Integrating Health Care to Meet the Needs of the Mother–Infant Pair: A Call for Papers for Year 3 of the Maternal Health Task Force–PLOS CollectionMitchell, Kate; Wegner, Mary Nell; Langer, Ana
2015 AJOG Volume 213 Issue 4 October  (11).pdf.jpg2015Monitoring human growth and development : a continuum from the womb to the classroomPapageorghiou, Aris T; Pang, Ruyan; Salomon, Laurent J; Langer, Ana; Victora, Cesar; Purwar, Manorama; Chumlea, Cameron; Qingqing, Wu; Scherjon, Sicco A; Barros, Fernando C; Carvalho, Maria; Altman, Douglas G; Giuliani, Francesca; Bertino, Enrico; Jaffer, Yasmin A; Ismail, Leila Cheikh; Ohuma, Eric O; Lambert, Ann; Noble, J Alison; Gravett, Michael G; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A; Kennedy, Stephen H
2013Setting Research Priorities for Preconception Care in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Aiming to Reduce Maternal and Child Mortality and MorbidityDean, Sohni; Rudan, Igor; Althabe, Fernando; Webb Girard, Aimee; Howson, Christopher; Langer, Ana; Lawn, Joy; Reeve, Mary-Elizabeth; Teela, Katherine C.; Toledano, Mireille; Venkatraman, Chandra-Mouli; Belizan, José M.; Car, Josip; Chan, Kit Yee; Chatterjee, Subidita; Chitekwe, Stanley; Doherty, Tanya; Donnay, France; Ezzati, Majid; Humayun, Khadija; Jack, Brian; Lassi, Zohra S.; Martorell, Reynaldo; Poortman, Ysbrand; Bhutta, Zulfiqar A.
2014Towards Comprehensive Women s Healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa: Addressing Intersections Between HIV, Reproductive and Maternal HealthKendall, Tamil; Bärnighausen, Till; Fawzi, Wafaie W.; Langer, Ana
2015 LANCET Volume 386 Issue 9999 September (1).pdf.jpg2015Women and Health : the key for sustainable developmentLanger, Ana; Meleis, Afaf; Knaul, Felicia M; Atun, Rifat; Aran, Meltem; Arreola-ornelas, Héctor; Bhutta, Zulfi A; Binagwaho, Agnes; Bonita, Ruth; Caglia, Jacquelyn M; Claeson, Mariam; Davies, Justine; Donnay, France A; Gausman, Jewel M; Glickman, Caroline; Kearns, Annie D; Kendall, Tamil; Foundation, Melinda Gates