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2008Association of Blood Lead Levels with Onset of Puberty in Russian BoysSergeyev, Oleg; Lee, Mary M.; Revich, Boris; Gitin, Elena; Hauser, Russ B.; Korrick, Susan Abigail; Burns, Jane S; Williams, Paige L.
2003Association of Expired Nitric Oxide with Occupational Particulate ExposureWand, Matthew P; Mukherjee, Sutapa; Kim, Jee Young; Hauser, Russ B.; Herrick, Robert F.; Christiani, David C.
2010Association of Exposure to Phthalates with Endometriosis and Uterine Leiomyomata: Findings from NHANES, 1999–2004Calafat, Antonia M.; Wise, Lauren A.; Weuve, Jennifer Lynn; Hauser, Russ B.; Missmer, Stacey Ann
2012Association of Hexachlorobenzene (HCB), Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), and Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene (DDE) with in Vitro Fertilization (IVF) OutcomesMahalingaiah, Shruthi; Maity, Arnab; Meeker, John D.; Berry, Katharine; Missmer, Stacey Ann; Williams, Paige L.; Ehrlich, Shelley; Perry, Melissa J.; Cramer, Daniel William; Hauser, Russ B.
2013Associations between cadmium exposure and neurocognitive test scores in a cross-sectional study of US adultsCiesielski, Timothy; Bellinger, David C.; Schwartz, Joel David; Hauser, Russ B.; Wright, Robert O.
2008Characterization of Phthalate Exposure among Pregnant Women Assessed by Repeat Air and Urine SamplesAdibi, Jennifer J.; Whyatt, Robin M.; Calafat, Antonia M.; Camann, David; Nelson, Heather; Bhat, Hari K.; Perera, Frederica P.; Silva, Manori J.; Williams, Paige L.; Herrick, Robert F.; Hauser, Russ B.
2007Di(2-ethylhexyl) Phthalate Metabolites May Alter Thyroid Hormone Levels in MenMeeker, John D.; Calafat, Antonia M.; Hauser, Russ B.
2002Environmental Organochlorines and Semen Quality: Results of a Pilot StudyChen, Zuying; Overstreet, James; Hauser, Russ B.; Altshul, Larisa M.; Ryan, Louise Marie; Schiff, Isaac; Christiani, David C.
2005Evidence of Interaction Between Polychlorinated Biphenyls and Phthalates in Relation to Human Sperm MotilityCalafat, Antonia M.; Hauser, Russ B.; Williams, Paige L.; Altshul, Larisa M.
2008Exposure to Bisphenol A and Other Phenols in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Premature InfantsCalafat, Antonia M.; Ye, Xiaoyun; Jia, Lily T.; Hu, Howard; Huttner, Ken; Weuve, Jennifer Lynn; Ringer, Steven Alan; Hauser, Russ B.
2013Genetic Modification of the Association between Peripubertal Dioxin Exposure and Pubertal Onset in a Cohort of Russian BoysHumblet, Olivier; Korrick, Susan Abigail; Williams, Paige L.; Sergeyev, Oleg; Emond, Claude; Birnbaum, Linda S.; Burns, Jane S; Altshul, Larisa M.; Patterson, Donald G.; Turner, Wayman E.; Lee, Mary M.; Revich, Boris; Hauser, Russ B.
2011Identification of Phthalates in Medications and Dietary Supplement Formulations in the United States and CanadaKelley, Katherine E.; Hernández-Díaz, Sonia; Chaplin, Erica L.; Hauser, Russ B.; Mitchell, Allen Avrom
2004Impact of Seasonal Variation, Age and Smoking Status on Human Semen Parameters: The Massachusetts General Hospital ExperienceChen, Zuying; Godfrey-Bailey, Linda; Schiff, Isaac; Hauser, Russ B.
2005Longitudinal Assessment of PCBs and Chlorinated Pesticides in Pregnant Women from Western CanadaJarrell, John; Hu, Howard; Chan, Siu; Hauser, Russ B.
2008Medications as a potential source of exposure to phthalates in the U.S. populationKelley, Katherine E.; Calafat, Antonia M.; Mitchell, Allen Avrom; Hauser, Russ B.; Hernández-Díaz, Sonia
2004Medications as a Source of Human Exposure to Phthalates.Godfrey-Bailey, Linda; Calafat, Antonia M; Hauser, Russ B.; Duty, Susan M.
2008Meeting Report: Measuring Endocrine-Sensitive Endpoints within the First Years of LifeArbuckle, Tye E.; Swan, Shanna H.; Mao, Catherine S.; Longnecker, Matthew P.; Main, Katharina M.; Whyatt, Robin M.; Mendola, Pauline; Rovet, Joanne; Till, Christine; Wade, Mike; Jarrell, John; Matthews, Stephen; Van Vliet, Guy; Bornehag, Carl-Gustaf; Mieusset, Roger; Hauser, Russ B.; Legrand, Melissa
2005Personal Care Product Use Predicts Urinary Concentrations of Some Phthalate MonoestersAckerman, Robin M.; Calafat, Antonia M.; Duty, Susan M.; Hauser, Russ B.
2009Placental biomarkers of phthalate effects on mRNA transcription: application in epidemiologic researchAdibi, Jennifer J; Whyatt, Robin M; Thaker, Harshwardhan M; Nelson, Heather; Bhat, Hari K; Hauser, Russ B.; Williams, Paige L.; Herrick, Robert F.
2008PM\(_{2.5}\) metal exposures and nocturnal heart rate variability: a panel study of boilermaker construction workersCavallari, Jennifer Margaret; Eisen, Ellen A.; Fang, Shona C.; Schwartz, Joel David; Hauser, Russ B.; Herrick, Robert F.; Christiani, David C.