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2008A novel role of CD4 Th17 cells in mediating cardiac allograft rejection and vasculopathyPaez-Cortez, Jesus; Schmitt-Knosalla, Isabela; Mfarrej, Bechara; Donnarumma, Michela; Habicht, Antje; Clarkson, Michael R.; Ansari, M. Javeed; Yuan, Xueli; D'Addio, Francesca; Iacomini, John J.; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis; Sayegh, Mohamed Hassan
2010Calcineurin Regulates Innate Antifungal Immunity in NeutrophilsHu, Bella; Aliprantis, Antonios O.; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis; Greenblatt, Matthew Blake
2009Control of T Helper Cell Differentiation through Cytokine Receptor Inclusion in the Immunological SynapseSoriano, Michelle A.; Perdomo, L. Carolina; Irvine, Darrell J.; Decker, Thomas; Maldonado, Roberto A.; Sigrist, Kirsten; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis
2012IRE1α Activation Protects Mice Against Acetaminophen-Induced HepatotoxicitySo, Jae-Seon; Frank-Kamenetsky, Maria; Fitzgerald, Kevin; Koteliansky, Victor; Iwawaki, Takao; Lee, Ann-Hwee; Hur, Kyu Yeon; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis; Ruda, Vera
2009TAK1 is an Essential Regulator of BMP Signalling in CartilageShim, Jae-Hyuck; Xie, Min; Schneider, Michael D; Greenblatt, Matthew Blake; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis; Gygi, Steven P.; Zou, Weigou; Zhai, Bo
2005The Transcription T-bet is Required for Optimal Proinflammatory Trafficking of CD4+ T CellsRao, RM; Lord, GM; Lichtman, AH; Luscinskas, FW; Choe, H.; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis
2009XBP1 Governs Late Events in Plasma Cell Differentiation and Is not Required for Antigen-Specific Memory B Cell DevelopmentMcHeyzer-Williams, Louise J.; Kowal, Czeslawa; Lee, Ann-Hwee; Volpe, Bruce T.; Diamond, Betty; McHeyzer-Williams, Michael G.; Todd, Derrick James; Glimcher, Laurie Hollis