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2017 AJG Volume 112 Issue 12 December (22).pdf.jpg2017Adherence to a Healthy Lifestyle is Associated With a Lower Risk of Diverticulitis among MenLiu, Po-Hong; Cao, Yin; Keeley, Brieze R; Tam, Idy; Wu, Kana; Strate, Lisa L; Giovannucci, Edward L; Chan, Andrew T
medicine article zn (37).pdf.jpg2013Association of nut consumption with total and cause-specific mortality.Bao, Ying; Han, Jiali; Hu, Frank B; Giovannucci, Edward L; Stampfer, Meir J; Willett, Walter C; Fuchs, Charles S
2017 AJE Volume 186 Issue 11 December (6).pdf.jpg2017Group-Based Trajectory of Body Shape From Ages 5 to 55 Years and Cardiometabolic Disease Risk in 2 US CohortsZheng, Yan; Song, Mingyang; Manson, JoAnn E; Giovannucci, Edward L; Hu, Frank B
2018 GUT Volume 67 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2018Integrative analysis of exogenous, endogenous, tumour and immune factors for precision medicineOgino, Shuji; Nowak, Jonathan a; Hamada, Tsuyoshi; Phipps, Amanda I; Peters, Ulrike; Milner Jr, Danny a; Giovannucci, Edward L; Nishihara, Reiko; Giannakis, Marios; Garrett, Wendy S; Song, Mingyang
2018 GUT Volume 67 Issue 4 April (13).pdf.jpg2018Long-term use of antibiotics and risk of colorectal adenomaCao, Yin; Wu, Kana; Mehta, Raaj; Drew, David A; Song, Mingyang; Lochhead, Paul; Nguyen, Long H; Izard, Jacques; Fuchs, Charles S; Garrett, Wendy S; Huttenhower, Curtis; Ogino, Shuji; Giovannucci, Edward L; Chan, Andrew T
2018 GUT Volume 67 Issue 3 March (10).pdf.jpg2018Meat intake and risk of diverticulitis among menCao, Yin; Strate, Lisa L; Keeley, Brieze R; Tam, Idy; Wu, Kana; Giovannucci, Edward L; Chan, Andrew T
2016 AJG Volume 111 Issue 6 June (15).pdf.jpg2016Prospective Study of Glycemic Load , Glycemic Index , and Carbohydrate Intake in Relation to Risk of Biliary Tract CancerLarsson, Susanna C; Giovannucci, Edward L; Wolk, Alicja
2015 JAMA Volume 314 Issue 17 November (3).pdf.jpg2015Trends in Prescription Drug Use Among Adults in the United States From 1999-2012Kantor, Elizabeth D; Rehm, Colin D; Haas, Jennifer S; Chan, Andrew T; Giovannucci, Edward L