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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016 JAMA Volume 316 Issue 2 July (34).pdf.jpg2016A Hand to HoldFeudtner, Chris
2015 JOP Volume 167 Issue 2 August (43).pdf.jpg2015the Importance of WhyBerry, Jay G; Hall, Matt; Cohen, Eyal; Feudtner, Chris; Health, Chronic
medicine article zz (5).pdf.jpg2014Integration of palliative care into the care of children with serious illness.Kang, Tammy I; Munson, David; Hwang, Jennifer; Feudtner, Chris
2015 JAMA Volume 314 Issue 10 September (29).pdf.jpg2015Love at the End of the Beginning of LifeFeudtner, Chris
2016 JOP Volume 169 February (52).pdf.jpg2016Parental Sources of Support and Guidance When Making Difficult Decisions in the Pediatric Intensive Care UnitMadrigal, Vanessa N; Carroll, Karen W; Faerber, Jennifer A; Walter, Jennifer K; Morrison, Wynne E; Feudtner, Chris
medicine article zc (110).pdf.jpg2015Pediatric Exposure to Opioid and Sedation Medications during Terminal Hospitalizations in the United States, 2007-2011Ragsdale, Lindsay; Zhong, Wenjun; Morrison, Wynne; Munson, David; Kang, Tammy I; Dai, Dingwei; Feudtner, Chris
2015 JOP Volume 167 Issue 4 October (15).pdf.jpg2015Pediatricians' Experience with Clinical Ethics Consultation: A National SurveyMorrison, Wynne; Womer, James; Nathanson, Pamela; Kersun, Leslie; Hester, D Micah; Walsh, Corbett; Feudtner, Chris
2016 JP Volume 177 October (60).pdf.jpg2016Relationship between Insurance Type and Discharge Disposition From the Emergency Department of Young Children Diagnosed with Physical AbuseOurnal, T H E J; Ediatrics, O F P; Henry, M Katherine; Wood, Joanne N; Metzger, Kristina B; Kim, Konny H; Feudtner, Chris; Zonfrillo, Mark R
2015 JOP Volume 167 Issue 2 August (11).pdf.jpg2015Research Priorities in Pediatric Palliative CareBaker, Justin N; Levine, Deena R; Hinds, Pamela S; Weaver, Meaghann S; Cunningham, Melody J; Johnson, Liza; Anghelescu, Doralina; Mandrell, Belinda; Gibson, Deborah V; Jones, Barbara; Wolfe, Joanne; Feudtner, Chris; Friebert, Sarah; Carter, Brian; Kane, Javier R