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medicine article d (110).pdf.jpg2013Age at onset of GERD symptoms predicts risk of Barrett's esophagus.Thrift, Aaron P; Kramer, Jennifer R; Qureshi, Zeeshan; Richardson, Peter a; El-Serag, Hashem B
2017 AJG Volume 112 Issue 7 July (16).pdf.jpg2017The Annual Risk of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Does Not Decrease Over Time in Patients With Barrett’s EsophagusNguyen, Theresa; Thrift, Aaron P; Yu, Xiaoying; Duan, Zhigang; El-Serag, Hashem B
medicine article e (158).pdf.jpg2014Barrett's esophagus suspected at endoscopy but no specialized intestinal metaplasia on biopsy, what's next?Khandwalla, Hashim E; Graham, David Y; Kramer, Jennifer R; Ramsey, David J; Duong, Ngoc; Green, Linda K; El-Serag, Hashem B
medicine article d (145).pdf.jpg2013Helicobacter pylori-Negative Gastritis: Prevalence and Risk FactorsNordenstedt, Helena; Graham, David Y; Kramer, Jennifer R; Rugge, Massimo; Verstovsek, Gordana; Fitzgerald, Stephanie; Alsarraj, Abeer; Shaib, Yasser; Velez, Maria E; Abraham, Neena; Anand, Bhupinderjit; Cole, Rhonda; El-Serag, Hashem B
medicine article e (9).pdf.jpg2014The Incidence of Esophageal Adenocarcinoma in a National Veterans Cohort With Barrett’s EsophagusShakhatreh, Mohammad H; Duan, Zhigang; Kramer, Jennifer; Naik, Aanand D; Helm, Ashley; Hinojosa-Lindsey, Marilyn; Chen, G John; El-Serag, Hashem B
medicine article d (51).pdf.jpg2013Oral bisphosphonates and the risk of Barrett's esophagus: case-control analysis of US veterans.Lin, Derek; Kramer, Jennifer R; Ramsey, David; Alsarraj, Abeer; Verstovsek, Gordana; Rugge, Massimo; Parente, Paola; Graham, David Y; El-Serag, Hashem B
2017 AJG Volume 112 Issue 6 June (21).pdf.jpg2017Polymorphisms of 5-HTT LPR and GNβ3 825C>T and Response to Antidepressant Treatment in Functional Dyspepsia: A Study from The Functional Dyspepsia Treatment TrialSaito, Yuri a; Locke, G Richard; Almazar, Ann E; Bouras, Ernest P; Howden, Colin W; Lacy, Brian E; DiBaise, John K; Prather, Charlene M; Abraham, Bincy P; El-Serag, Hashem B; Moayyedi, Paul; Herrick, Linda M; Szarka, Lawrence a; Camilleri, Michael; Hamilton, Frank a; Sc
medicine article d (174).pdf.jpg2013Population-attributable fractions of risk factors for hepatocellular carcinoma in the United States.Welzel, Tania M; Graubard, Barry I; Quraishi, Sabah; Zeuzem, Stefan; Davila, Jessica a; El-Serag, Hashem B; McGlynn, Katherine a
medicine article e (87).pdf.jpg2014The Quality of Care Provided to Patients With Varices in the Department of Veterans AffairsBuchanan, Paula M; Kramer, Jennifer R; El-Serag, Hashem B; Asch, Steven M; Assioun, Youssef; Bacon, Bruce R; Kanwal, Fasiha
medicine article e (50).pdf.jpg2014Racial Differences in the Progression to Cirrhosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma in HCV-Infected Veterans.El-Serag, Hashem B; Kramer, Jennifer; Duan, Zhigang; Kanwal, Fasiha
medicine article e (8).pdf.jpg2014Risk Factors for Barrett’s Esophagus Compared Between African Americans and Non-Hispanic WhitesNguyen, Theresa H; Thrift, Aaron P; Ramsey, David; Green, Linda; Shaib, Yasser H; Graham, David Y; El-Serag, Hashem B
2017 AJG Volume 112 Issue 8 August (15).pdf.jpg2017Trends in 30-Day and 1-Year Mortality Among Patients Hospitalized With Cirrhosis From 2004 to 2013Kanwal, Fasiha; Tansel, Aylin; Kramer, Jennifer R; Feng, Hua; Asch, Steven M; El-Serag, Hashem B