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medicine article ay (342).pdf.jpg2014Assessment of color stability of white mineral trioxide aggregate angelus and bismuth oxide in contact with tooth structureMarciano, Marina Angélica; Costa, Reginaldo Mendonça; Camilleri, Josette; Mondelli, Rafael Francisco Lia; Guimarães, Bruno Martini; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro
2016 JE Volume 42 Issue 11 November (6).pdf.jpg2016Changes in Root Canal Length Determined during Mechanical Preparation Stages and Their Relationship with the Accuracy of Root ZX IIVasconcelos, Bruno Carvalho; Bastos, Luzia Mesquista; Oliveira, Ariany Souza; Bernardes, Ricardo Affonso; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro; Vivacqua-Gomes, Nilton; Vivan, Rodrigo Ricci
2017 JE Volume 43 Issue 2 February (11).pdf.jpg2017Comparative Effectiveness of New Mechanical Irrigant Agitating Devices for Debris Removal from the Canal and Isthmus of Mesial Roots of Mandibular MolarsDuque, Jussaro Alves; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro; Canali, Lyz Cristina Furquim; Zancan, Rafaela Fernandes; Vivan, Rodrigo Ricci; Bernardes, Ricardo Affonso; Bramante, Clovis Monteiro
medicine article ay (164).pdf.jpg2014The Effect of Larger Apical Preparations in the Danger Zone of Lower Molars Prepared Using the Mtwo and Reciproc SystemsSant'Anna Júnior, Arnaldo; Cavenago, Bruno Cavalini; Ordinola-Zapata, Ronald; De-Deus, Gustavo; Bramante, Clovis Monteiro; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro
2017 JE Volume 43 Issue 1 January (14).pdf.jpg2017Effect of the Association of Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory and Antibiotic Drugs on Antibiofilm Activity and pH of Calcium Hydroxide Pastesde Freitas, Rafaela Pignatti; Greatti, Vanessa Raquel; Alcalde, Murilo Priori; Cavenago, Bruno Cavalini; Vivan, Rodrigo Ricci; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro; Weckwerth, Ana Carolina Villas Bôas; Weckwerth, Paulo Henrique
2017 JE Volume 43 Issue 5 May (4).pdf.jpg2017Effect of Using Different Vehicles on the Physicochemical, Antimicrobial, and Biological Properties of White Mineral Trioxide AggregateCavenago, Bruno Cavalini; del Carpio-Perochena, Aldo Enrique; Ordinola-Zapata, Ronald; Estrela, Carlos; Garlet, Gustavo Pompermaier; Tanomaru-Filho, Mario; Weckwerth, Paulo Henrique; de Andrade, Flaviana Bombarda; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro
2017 JE Volume 43 Issue 3 March (17).pdf.jpg2017Effectiveness of the ProTaper Next and Reciproc Systems in Removing Root Canal Filling Material with Sonic or Ultrasonic Irrigation: A Micro???computed Tomographic StudyMartins, Milena Perraro; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro; Cavenago, Bruno Cavalini; Kato, Augusto Shoji; da Silveira Bueno, Carlos Eduardo
2016 JE Volume 42 Issue 11 November (9).pdf.jpg2016Efficacy of CM-Wire, M-Wire, and Nickel-Titanium Instruments for Removing Filling Material from Curved Root Canals: A Micro–Computed Tomography StudyRodrigues, Clarissa Teles; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro; de Almeida, Marcela Milanezi; de Andrade, Flaviana Bombarda; Bernardineli, Norberti
2017 JE Volume 43 Issue 6 June (23).pdf.jpg2017Zinc Oxide Inhibits Dental Discoloration Caused by White Mineral Trioxide Aggregate AngelusMarciano, Marina Ang??lica; Camilleri, Josette; Costa, Reginaldo Mendon??a; Matsumoto, Mariza Akemi; Guimar??es, Bruno Martini; Duarte, Marco Antonio Hungaro