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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017 NEJM Volume 376 Issue 12 March (3).pdf.jpg2017Adopting Innovations in Care Delivery — The Case of Shared Medical AppointmentsRamdas, Kamalini; Darzi, Ara
medicine article j (37).pdf.jpg2015Design and validation of the surgical ward round assessment tool : a quantitative observational studyJawad, Muhammad; S, M B B; Tierney, Tanya; Darzi, Ara; S, F R C; Athanasiou, Thanos; S, F E T C; Hanna, George B; S, F R C
9780857291752.pdf.jpg2011Evidence synthesis in healthcareAthanasiou, Thanos ; Darzi, Ara
2018 MT Volume 40 Issue 1 January (5).pdf.jpg2018Eye-tracking technology in medical education : A systematic reviewAshraf, Hajra; Sodergren, Mikael H; Merali, Nabeel; Mylonas, George; Singh, Harsimrat; Darzi, Ara; Ashraf, Hajra; Sodergren, Mikael H; Merali, Nabeel; Mylonas, George
2016 Volume 388 Issue 10060 December (29).pdf.jpg2016The global shortage of health workers — an opportunity to transform careDarzi, Ara; Evans, Tim
2017 LANCET Volume 389 Issue 10076 April (15).pdf.jpg2017Health care must mean safe care: enshrining patient safety in global healthFlott, Kelsey; Fontana, Gianluca; Dhingra-Kumar, Neelam; Yu, Angela; Durkin, Mike; Darzi, Ara
2017 LANCET Volume 390 Issue 10090 July (3).pdf.jpg2017How to harness the private sector for universal health coverageWadge, Hester; Roy, Rhia; Sripathy, Arthika; Fontana, Gianluca; Marti, Joachim; Darzi, Ara
2015 AJS Volume 210 Issue 2 August (3).pdf.jpg2015Identifying quality markers and improvement measures for ward-based surgical care : a semistructured interview studyDarzi, Ara; E, K B
2016 LANCET Volume 388 Issue 10049 September (18).pdf.jpg2016Innovation and surgical clinical trialsMayer, Erik; Darzi, Ara
medicine article j (137).pdf.jpg2015Smartphones let surgeons know WhatsApp : an analysis of communication in emergency surgical teamsKing, Dominic; S, M R C; Arora, Sonal; Sevdalis, Nick; Darzi, Ara
2015 AJS Volume 210 Issue 3 September (17).pdf.jpg2015Surgical care checklists to optimize patient care following postoperative complicationsAlmond, Mark H; P, M R C; Darzi, Ara; E, K B