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2018 LANCET Volume 391 Issue 10124 March (8).pdf.jpg2018Articles Mortality after coronary artery bypass grafting versus percutaneous coronary intervention with stenting for coronary artery disease : a pooled analysis of individual patient dataHead, Stuart J; Milojevic, Milan; Daemen, Joost; Ahn, Jung-min; Boersma, Eric; Christiansen, Evald H; Domanski, Michael J; Farkouh, Michael E; Serruys, Patrick W; Kappetein, Arie Pieter
2018 AHJ Volume 195 January (10).pdf.jpg2018A multinational clinical approach to assessing the effectiveness of catheter-based ultrasound renal denervation : The RADIANCE-HTN and REQUIRE clinical study designsMauri, Laura; Kario, Kazuomi; Basile, Jan; Daemen, Joost; Davies, Justin
2018 EHJ Volume 39 Issue 4 January (9).pdf.jpg2018Near-infrared spectroscopy-derived lipid core burden index predicts adverse cardiovascular outcome in patients with coronary artery disease during long-term follow-upSchuurman, Anne-sophie; Vroegindewey, Maxime; Kardys, Isabella; Oemrawsingh, Rohit M; Cheng, Jin M; Boer, Sanneke De; Garcia-garcia, Hector M; Geuns, Robert-jan Van; Regar, Evelyn S; Daemen, Joost; Mieghem, Nicolas M Van; Serruys, Patrick W; Boersma, Eric; Akkerhuis,
2017 AHJ Volume 187 May (16).pdf.jpg2017Reduced duration of dual antiplatelet therapy using an improved drug-eluting stent for percutaneous coronary intervention of the left main artery in a real-world, all-comer population: Rationale and study design of the prospective randomized multicenter ILemmert, Miguel E.; Oldroyd, Keith; Barragan, Paul; Lesiak, Maciej; Byrne, Robert a.; Merkulov, Evgeny; Daemen, Joost; Onuma, Yoshinobu; Witberg, Karen; van Geuns, Robert Jan