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2016 FS Volume 106 Issue 7 December (23).pdf.jpg2016Addition of neither recombinant nor urinary luteinizing hormone was associated with an improvement in the outcome of autologous in vitro fertilization / intracytoplasmatic sperm injection cycles under regular clinical settings : a multicenter observationaSchwarze, Juan-enrique; Sc, M; Crosby, Javier A; Zegers-hochschild, Fernando; D, M
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (26).pdf.jpg2016The American Board of Surgery examinations : how are the Southwestern Surgical Congress programs performing compared to the rest of the United States ?Fayyadh, Mohammed J Al; Ch, M B B; Rawlings, Jeremy A; S, B; Willis, Ross E; Falcone, John L; S, M; Stewart, Ronald M; D, M; Dent, Daniel L; D, M
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 4 October (37).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Cell-based skin substitutes accelerate regeneration of extensive burn wounds in ratsMotamed, Sadrollah; D, M; Taghiabadi, Ehsan; Sc, M; Molaei, Hojjat; D, M; Sodei, Niloofar; D, M; Hassanpour, Seyed Esmaeil; D, M; Sha, Saeed; D, M; Azargashb, Enzollah; Farajzadeh-vajari, Fatemeh; D, M; Aghdami, Nasser; Bajouri, Amir; D, M
2018 AJR Volume 210 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2018The American Journal of Surgery Comparison of topical mupirocin and gentamicin in the prevention of peritoneal dialysis-related infections : A systematic review andTsai, Chia-chi; D, M; Yang, Po-sheng; Liu, Chien-liang; D, M; Wu, Chih-jen; Hsu, Yi-chiung; Cheng, Shih-ping
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 5 November (26).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Distal scar-to-midline distance in pilonidal Limberg fl ap surgery is a recurrence-promoting factor : A multicenter , case-control studyKaplan, Mehmet; D, M; Ozcan, Onder; D, M; Bilgic, Ethem; D, M; Kaplan, Elif Tugce; S, M; Kaplan, Tugba; Kaplan, Fatma Cigdem; D, M
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 4 October (1).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Exploring the usage of a mobile phone application in transplanted patients to encourage medication compliance and educationZanetti-yabur, Alana; D, M; Rizzo, Amanda; S, B; Hayde, Nicole; S, M; Watkins, Anthony C; D, M; Rocca, Juan P; S, F A C; Graham, Jay A; D, M
2017 AJS Volume 214 Issue 4 October (36).pdf.jpg2017The American Journal of Surgery Hospital characteristics associated with increased conversion rates among organ donors in New EnglandRios-diaz, Arturo J; D, M; Olufajo, Olubode A; H, M P; Stinebring, Jill; C, C P T; Endicott, Samantha; C, C P T; Mckown, Brandon T; A, M B; Metcalfe, David; Ch, M B B; Zogg, Cheryl K; S, M H; Salim, Ali; S, F A C
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (7).pdf.jpg2017Applying the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program risk calculator to patients undergoing colorectal surgery : theory vs realityAdegboyega, Titilayo O; D, M; Borgert, Andrew J; Lambert, Pamela J; N, R; Jarman, Benjamin T; S, F A C
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (24).pdf.jpg2017Association between clinical variables and mortality after parathyroidectomy in maintenance hemodialysis patientsChen, Jin-bor; D, M; Chou, Fong-fu; D, M; Yang, Cheng-hong; Hua, Moi-sin
2018 Fertility_Sterility Volume 109 Issue 5 May (11).pdf.jpg2018Association between use of marijuana and time to pregnancy in men and women : fi ndings from the National Survey of Family GrowthKasman, Alex M; Thoma, Marie E; Mclain, Alexander C; Eisenberg, Michael L; D, M
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (7).pdf.jpg2016Attribution 2 . 0 : whose complication is it ?Hambright, Greg; D, M; Jackson, Theresa; D, M; Agrawal, Vaidehi; Arazosa, Antonio; D, M; Newman, Benjamin; D, M; Truitt, Michael S; D, M
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (12).pdf.jpg2017Bariatric surgery outcomes in black patients with super morbid obesity : a 1-year postoperative reviewOnyewu, Samuel C; Ch, M B B; Ogundimu, Ololade O; S, B; Ortega, Gezzer; H, M P; Bauer, Edward S; S, B; Emenari, Chijindu C; S, B; Molyneaux, Neh D; H, M P; Layne, Sylvonne A; H, M P; Changoor, Navin R; D, M; Tapscott, Denia; D, M; Tran, Daniel D; D, M; Fullum, Terrence M; D,
2018 FSterility Volume 110 Issue 5 October (5).pdf.jpg2018Beyond fertility : polycystic ovary syndrome and long-term healthCooney, Laura G; D, M; Dokras, Anuja; Ph, D
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (14).pdf.jpg2017Bicarbonate and mannitol treatment for traumatic rhabdomyolysis revisitedSally, Mitchell; S, F A C; Mullins, Richard J; S, F A C; Slater, Matthew; S, F A C; Groat, Tahnee; H, M P; Gao, Xiang; S, B; Cruz, J Salvador De; D, M; Ellis, Margaret K M; D, M; Schreiber, Martin; S, F A C; Malinoski, Darren J; S, F A C
2018 FS Volume 109 Issue 1 January (6).pdf.jpg2018BRCA mutations and reproductionDaum, Hagit; Peretz, Tamar; Laufer, Neri; D, M
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (18).pdf.jpg2016Central venous parathyroid hormone monitoring using a novel , specific anatomic method accurately predicts cure during minimally invasive parathyroidectomyEdwards, Courtney M; D, M; Folek, Jessica; D, M; Dayawansa, Samantha; Govednik, Cara M; D, M; Quinn, Courtney E; D, M; Sigmond, Benjamin R; D, M; Lee, Cortney Y; D, M; Angel, Melissa S; P, F N; Hendricks, John C; D, M; Lairmore, Terry C; D, M
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (25).pdf.jpg2017The changing pattern of diagnosing primary hyperparathyroidism in young patientsLou, Irene; D, M; Schneider, David F; S, M; Sippel, Rebecca S; D, M; Chen, Herbert; D, M; Elfenbein, Dawn M; H, M P
2017 AJS Volume 213 Issue 1 January (9).pdf.jpg2017Comparison of bleeding risks related to venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in laparoscopic vs open colorectal cancer surgery : a multicenter study in Japanese patientsYasui, Masayoshi; Ikeda, Masataka; Miyake, Masakazu; Ide, Yoshihito; Okuyama, Masaki; Shingai, Tatsushi; Kitani, Kotaro; D, M; Ikenaga, Masakazu; Hasegawa, Junichi; Akamatsu, Hiroki; Murata, Kohei; Takemasa,
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (20).pdf.jpg2016Comparison of pulmonary function tests and perioperative outcomes after robotic-assisted pulmonary lobectomy vs segmentectomyEchavarria, Maria F; S, M; Cheng, Anna M; S, B; Velez-cubian, Frank O; D, M; Ng, Emily P; S, B; Moodie, Carla C; A, P; Garrett, Joseph R; H, M P; Fontaine, Jacques P; D, M; Robinson, Lary A; D, M; Toloza, Eric M
2017 FS Volume 107 Issue 1 January (21).pdf.jpg2017Detection of segmental aneuploidy and mosaicism in the human preimplantation embryo : technical considerations and limitationsTreff, Nathan R; B, T S A B; Franasiak, Jason M; D, M