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2015 O_G Volume 125 Issue 4 April (20).pdf.jpg2015Acceptability of a Single-Size Diaphragm Developed With End-User InputSchwartz, Jill L; Weiner, Debra H; Lai, Jaim Jou; Frezieres, Ron G; Creinin, Mitchell D; Archer, David F; Bradley, Lynn; Barnhart, Kurt T; Poindexter, Alfred; Kilbourne-brook, Maggie; Callahan, Marianne M; Mauck, Christine K
medicine article b (72).pdf.jpg2014Changes in genital tract immune cell populations after initiation of intrauterine contraceptionAchilles, Sharon L; Creinin, Mitchell D; Stoner, Kevin A; Chen, Beatrice A; Meyn, Leslie; Hillier, Sharon L
2017 OG Volume 130 Issue 4 October (18).pdf.jpg2017Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Initiation With a 2- to 3-Week Compared With a 6-Week Postpartum VisitChen, Melissa J; Hou, Melody Y; Hsia, Jennifer K; Cansino, Catherine D; Melo, Juliana; Creinin, Mitchell D
2015 O_G Volume 126 Issue 1 July (4).pdf.jpg2015Mifepristone With Buccal Misoprostol for Medical Abortion A Systematic ReviewChen, Melissa J; Creinin, Mitchell D
2016 AJOG Volume 215 Issue 5 November (38).pdf.jpg2016A prospective assessment of pelvic infection risk following same-day sexually transmitted infection testing and levonorgestrel intrauterine system placementTurok, David K; Mph, David L Eisenberg; Mph, Stephanie B Teal; Mph, Lisa M Keder; Creinin, Mitchell D
2015 O_G Volume 126 Issue 5 November (4).pdf.jpg2015Removal of a Nonpalpable Etonogestrel Implant With Preprocedure Ultrasonography and Modified Vasectomy ClampChen, Melissa J; Creinin, Mitchell D
medicine article zq (184).pdf.jpg2013Significant adverse events and outcomes after medical abortion.Cleland, Kelly; Creinin, Mitchell D; Nucatola, Deborah; Nshom, Montsine; Trussell, James