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2017 DMFR Volume 46 Issue 6 June (9).pdf.jpg2017Accuracy of MDCT and CBCT in three-dimensional evaluation of the oropharynx morphologyChen, Hui; van Eijnatten, Maureen; Aarab, Ghizlane; Forouzanfar, Tim; de Lange, Jan; van der Stelt, Paul; Lobbezoo, Frank; Wolff, Jan
2018 DMFR Volume 47 Issue 2 (10).pdf.jpg2018Acknowledgement to ReviewersRazek, Ahmed Abdel; Alcaraz, Miguel; An, Seo-young; Aps, Johan; Ariji, Yoshiko; Becker, Talia; Chen, Hui; Souza, Paulo Couto; Grauwe, Annelore De; El-hakim, Ibrahim; Horner, Keith; Katz, Jerry; Kim, Jo-eun; Kim, Gyu-tae; Lam, Ernest; Ledesma-montes, Constantino; Lee, Sam
2018 JoMV Volume 90 Issue 6 June (19).pdf.jpg2018Alcohol attenuates anti-HCV function of IFN- λ 1 through up-regulation of PLASy expression in human hepatic cellsRan, Meihua; Huang, Jiegang; Liang, Hao; Jiang, Junjun; Liang, Bingyu; Ning, Chuanyi; Zang, Ning; Liao, Weibo; Liu, Huifang; Qin, Fengxiang; Yang, Quanlue; Ho, Wenzhe; Ye, Li; Chen, Hui
2018 DMFR Volume 47 Issue 2 (5).pdf.jpg2018Analyses of aerodynamic characteristics of the oropharynx applying CBCT : obstructive sleep apnea patients versus control subjectsChen, Hui; Li, Yingguang; Reiber, Johan H C; Lange, Jan De; Tu, Shengxian; Stelt, Paul Van Der; Aarab, Ghizlane
medicine article am (484).pdf.jpg2014Cigarette smoking is associated with abnormal histone-to-protamine transition in human sperm.Yu, Bolan; Qi, Yanbin; Liu, Dan; Gao, Xingcheng; Chen, Hui; Bai, Chuan; Huang, Zhaofeng
2016 DT Volume 32 Issue 3 June (14).pdf.jpg2016Influence of abutment tooth position and adhesive point dimension on the rigidity of a dental trauma wire-composite splintZhu, Yuqing; Chen, Hui
2016 OG Volume 128 Issue 3 September (8).pdf.jpg2016Outcomes and Postoperative Complications After Hysterectomies Performed for Benign Compared With Malignant IndicationsWallace, Sumer K; Fazzari, Melissa J; Chalas, Eva; Chen, Hui; Cliby, William A