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2015 JAMA Volume 314 Issue 12 September (2).pdf.jpg2015Alignment of Do-Not-Resuscitate Status With Patients’ Likelihood of Favorable Neurological Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac ArrestFendler, Timothy J; Spertus, John A; Kennedy, Kevin F; Chen, Lena M; Perman, Sarah M; Chan, Paul S
2015 JAMA Volume 314 Issue 19 November (1).pdf.jpg2015Appropriate Use Criteria for Coronary Revascularization and Trends in Utilization, Patient Selection, and Appropriateness of Percutaneous Coronary InterventionNallamothu, Brahmajee K; Chan, Paul S; Spertus, John A; Patel, Manesh R; Ader, Jeremy; Soufer, Aaron; Krumholz, Harlan M; Curtis, Jeptha P
2018 Circulation Volume 137 Issue 19 May (9).pdf.jpg2018Association Between Prompt Defibrillation and Epinephrine Treatment With Long-Term Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac ArrestLong-term, Epinephrine Treatment With; Curtis, Lesley H; Chan, Paul S
2016 JAMA Volume 316 Issue 13 October (22).pdf.jpg2016Association Between Therapeutic Hypothermia and Survival After In-Hospital Cardiac ArrestChan, Paul S; Berg, Robert A; Tang, Yuanyuan; Curtis, Lesley H; Spertus, John A
2016 AHJ Volume 178 August (4).pdf.jpg2016In response to Letter to the EditorChan, Maya L; Chan, Paul S
2018 Circulation Volume 138 Issue 9 August (7).pdf.jpg2018Prognostic Significance of Nuisance Bleeding in Anticoagulated Patients with Atrial Fibrillation.O'Brien, Emily C; Holmes, DaJuanicia N; Thomas, Laine E; Fonarow, Gregg C; Allen, Larry a; Gersh, Bernard J; Kowey, Peter R; Singer, Daniel E; Ezekowitz, Michael D; Naccarelli, Gerald V; Ansell, Jack E; Chan, Paul S; Mahaffey, Kenneth W; Go, Alan S; Freeman, James V; Re
2017 AHJ Volume 183 January (20).pdf.jpg2017Relationship between hospital procedure volume and complications following congenital cardiac catheterization : A report from the IMproving Pediatric and Adult Congenital Treatment ( IMPACT ) registryJayaram, Natalie; Spertus, John A; Byrne, Michael L O; Chan, Paul S
2018 AHJ Volume 201 July (26).pdf.jpg2018Validation of the Seattle angina questionnaire in women with ischemic heart diseasePatel, Krishna K; Arnold, Suzanne V; Chan, Paul S; Tang, Yuanyuan; Jones, Philip G; Guo, Jianping; Buchanan, Donna M; Qintar, Mohammed; Decker, Carole; Morrow, David A; Spertus, John A