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2018 Circulation Volume 138 Issue 5 July (10).pdf.jpg2018Antithrombotic Therapy in Patients With Atrial Fibrillation Undergoing Percutaneous Coronary InterventionAngiolillo, Dominick J.; Goodman, Shaun G.; Bhatt, Deepak L.; Eikelboom, John W.; Price, Matthew J.; Moliterno, David J.; Cannon, Christopher P.; Tanguay, Jean-Francois; Granger, Christopher B.; Mauri, Laura; Holmes, David R.; Gibson, C. Michael; Faxon, David P.
2017 AHJ Volume 187 May (24).pdf.jpg2017Compliance with guideline-directed therapy in diabetic patients admitted with acute coronary syndrome: Findings from the American Heart Association's Get With The Guidelines???Coronary Artery Disease (GWTG-CAD) programDeedwania, Prakash; Acharya, Tushar; Kotak, Kamal; Fonarow, Gregg C.; Cannon, Christopher P.; Laskey, Warren K.; Peacock, W. Frank; Pan, Wenqin; Bhatt, Deepak L.
9780781726214.pdf.jpg2001Critical pathways in cardiology /Cannon, Christopher P.; O'Gara, Patrick T.
2018Design and baseline characteristics of the eValuation of ERTugliflozin effIcacy and Safety CardioVascular outcomes trial (VERTIS-CV)Cannon, Christopher P.; McGuire, Darren K.; Pratley, Richard; Dagogo-Jack, Sam; Mancuso, James; Huyck, Susan; Charbonnel, Bernard; Shih, Weichung J.; Gallo, Silvina; Masiukiewicz, Urszula; Golm, Gregory; Cosentino, Francesco; Lauring, Brett; Terra, Steven G.
medicine article ap (94).pdf.jpg2014Effect of Darapladib on Major Coronary Events After an Acute Coronary SyndromeO’Donoghue, Michelle L.; Braunwald, Eugene; White, Harvey D.; Steen, Dylan P.; Lukas, Mary Ann; Tarka, Elizabeth; Steg, P. Gabriel; Hochman, Judith S.; Bode, Christoph; Maggioni, Aldo P.; Im, KyungAh; Shannon, Jennifer B.; Davies, Richard Y.; Murphy, Sabina a.; Crugnale, Sharon E.; Wiviott, Stephen D.; Bonaca, Marc P.; Watson, David F.; Weaver, W. Douglas; Serruys, Patrick W.; Cannon, Christopher P.
2018 AHJ Volume 202 August (16).pdf.jpg2018High-dose influenza vaccine to reduce clinical outcomes in high-risk cardiovascular patients: Rationale and design of the INVESTED trialVardeny, Orly; Udell, Jacob a.; Joseph, Jacob; Farkouh, Michael E.; Hernandez, Adrian F.; McGeer, Alison J.; Talbot, H. Keipp; Bhatt, Deepak L.; Cannon, Christopher P.; Goodman, Shaun G.; Anand, Inder; DeMets, David L.; Temte, Jon; Wittes, Janet; Nichol, Kristin; Yancy,
9780470725573.pdf.jpg2009Management of acute coronary syndromesGelfand, Eli V.; Cannon, Christopher P.
2017 JAMA Volume 318 Issue 2 July (24).pdf.jpg2017Mortality Following Cardiovascular and Bleeding Events Occurring Beyond 1 Year After Coronary StentingSecemsky, Eric a.; Yeh, Robert W.; Kereiakes, Dean J.; Cutlip, Donald E.; Cohen, David J.; Steg, P. Gabriel; Cannon, Christopher P.; Apruzzese, Patricia K.; D’Agostino, Ralph B.; Massaro, Joseph M.; Mauri, Laura
2018 EHJ Volume 39 Issue 27 July (1).pdf.jpg2018Reduction of low density lipoprotein-cholesterol and cardiovascular events with proprotein convertase subtilisin-kexin type 9 (PCSK9) inhibitors and statins: an analysis of FOURIER, SPIRE, and the Cholesterol Treatment Trialists CollaborationFerence, Brian a.; Cannon, Christopher P.; Landmesser, Ulf; Lüscher, Thomas F.; Catapano, Alberico L.; Ray, Kausik K.
2018 EHJ Volume 39 Issue 19 May (12).pdf.jpg2018Safety and efficacy of dual vs. triple antithrombotic therapy in patients with atrial fibrillation following percutaneous coronary intervention: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trialsGolwala, Harsh B.; Cannon, Christopher P.; Steg, Ph Gabriel; Doros, Gheorghe; Qamar, Arman; Ellis, Stephen G.; Oldgren, Jonas; Ten Berg, Jurrien M.; Kimura, Takeshi; Hohnloser, Stefan H.; Lip, Gregory Y.H.; Bhatt, Deepak L.
2017 LANCET Volume 389 Issue 10084 June (13).pdf.jpg2017STREAM characterisation correction – Authors' replyReed, Grant W.; Cannon, Christopher P.