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2013A qualitative case study of child protection issues in the Indian construction industry: investigating the security, health, and interrelated rights of migrant familiesBetancourt, Theresa S; Shaahinfar, Ashkon; Kellner, Sarah E; Dhavan, Nayana; Williams, Timothy P
2014After abduction: exploring access to reintegration programs and mental health status among young female abductees in Northern UgandaMuldoon, Katherine A; Muzaaya, Godfrey; Betancourt, Theresa S; Ajok, Mirriam; Akello, Monica; Petruf, Zaira; Nguyen, Paul; Baines, Erin K; Shannon, Kate
2011Experiences of Female Survivors of Sexual Violence in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo: A Mixed-Methods StudyMukwege, D; Lipton, R; Kelly, Jocelyn TD; Betancourt, Theresa S; VanRooyen, Michael J.
2013Implementation and Scale-Up of Psycho-Trauma Centers in a Post-Conflict Area: A Case Study of a Private–Public Partnership in Northern UgandaNakimuli-Mpungu, Etheldreda; Alderman, Stephen; Kinyanda, Eugene; Allden, Kathleen; Betancourt, Theresa S; Alderman, Jeffrey S.; Pavia, Alison; Okello, James; Nakku, Juliet; Adaku, Alex; Musisi, Seggane
2015Long term mental health outcomes of Finnish children evacuated to Swedish families during the second world war and their non-evacuated siblings: cohort studySantavirta, Torsten; Santavirta, Nina; Betancourt, Theresa S; Gilman, Stephen E
medicine article u (23).pdf.jpg2013Post-traumatic stress symptoms among former child soldiers in Sierra Leone: follow-up study.Betancourt, Theresa S; Newnham, Elizabeth a; McBain, Ryan; Brennan, Robert T
2015 BJP Volume 207 Issue 3 September (18).pdf.jpg2015Risk and protective factors for suicidal ideation and behaviour in Rwandan childrenNg, Lauren C; Kirk, Catherine M; Kanyanganzi, Frederick; Fawzi, Mary C Smith; Sezibera, Vincent; Shema, Evelyne; Bizimana, Justin I; Cyamatare, Felix R; Betancourt, Theresa S
2013Validation of the “World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule for Children, WHODAS-Child” in RwandaScorza, Pamela; Stevenson, Anne; Canino, Glorisa; Mushashi, Christine; Kanyanganzi, Fredrick; Munyanah, Morris; Betancourt, Theresa S