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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 3 March (26).pdf.jpg2016The appropriate measurement of postdischarge readmissions in Medicare colon surgeryFry, Donald E; Pine, Michael; A, M B; Nedza, Susan M; A, M B; Locke, David G; Reband, Agnes M; Pine, Gregory; A, B
medicine article j (47).pdf.jpg2015Assessing the value of routine upper gastrointestinal contrast studies following bariatric surgery : a systematic review andMbadiwe, Tafari; Prevatt, Edward; A, B; Duerinckx, Andre; Cornwell, Edward; Fullum, Terrence; Davis, Bonnie
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 1 July (12).pdf.jpg2016Awareness of racial / ethnic disparities in surgical outcomes and care : factors affecting acknowledgment and actionBritton, Breanne V; A, B; Nagarajan, Neeraja; H, M P; Zogg, Cheryl K; S, M H; Selvarajah, Shalini; H, M P; Schupper, Alexander J; A, B; Kironji, A Gatebe; S, B; Lwin, Albert T; S, B; Cerullo, Marcelo; A, B; Salim, Ali; S, F A C; Haider, Adil H; S, F A C
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 1 July (26).pdf.jpg2016Benchmarking hospital outcomes for improvement of care in Medicare elective colon surgeryFry, Donald E; Pine, Michael; A, M B; Nedza, Susan M; A, M B; Locke, David G; S, B; Reband, Agnes M; S, B; Pine, Gregory; A, B
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 4 October (33).pdf.jpg2016Can a virtual reality assessment of fine motor skill predict successful central line insertion ?Mohamadipanah, Hossein; Parthiban, Chembian; S, M; Nathwani, Jay; Rutherford, Drew; S, M; Dimarco, Shannon; A, B; Pugh, Carla
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 1 July (2).pdf.jpg2016Caring for the surgically anxious patient : a review of the interventions and a guide to optimizing surgical outcomesWilson, Craig J; A, B; Mitchelson, Andrew J; Sc, B; Tzeng, Tony H; Sc, B; El-othmani, Mouhanad M; Saleh, Jasmine; Vasdev, Sonia; H, M P; Lamontagne, Hillary J; C, C A D; Saleh, Khaled J; Sc, B; Sc, M; M, M H C
medicine article j (13).pdf.jpg2015Cirrhosis increases mortality and splenectomy rates following splenic injuryCook, Mackenzie R; Fair, Kelly A; Burg, Jennifer; Cattin, Lindsay; A, B; Gee, Arvin; Arbabi, Saman; Schreiber, Martin
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 2 February (10).pdf.jpg2016A comparison of Google Glass and traditional video vantage points for bedside procedural skill assessmentEvans, Heather L; S, M; Shea, Dylan J O; A, B; Morris, Amy E; Keys, Kari A; Wright, Andrew S; Schaad, Douglas C; Ilgen, Jonathan S; R, M C
medicine article j (59).pdf.jpg2015Does practice make perfect ? Resident experience with breast surgery influences excision adequacyPlichta, Jennifer K; S, M; Perez, Claudia B; S, M; He, Elizabeth; Bloom, Alexi; A, B; Abood, Gerard J; S, M; Godellas, Constantine
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 2 February (26).pdf.jpg2016The effect of video review of resident laparoscopic surgical skills measured by self- and external assessmentHerrera-almario, Gabriel E; Kirk, Katherine; Guerrero, Veronica T; Jeong, Kwonho; A, B; Kim, Sara; Hamad, Giselle G
2015 AJS Volume 209 Issue 6 June (27).pdf.jpg2015Faculty evaluations of resident medical knowledge : can they be used to predict American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination performance ?Elfenbein, Dawn M; Sippel, Rebecca S; Mcdonald, Robert; Watson, Tammy; A, B; Scarborough, John E; Migaly, John
2015 AJS Volume 210 Issue 1 July (17).pdf.jpg2015Geographic association of liquor licenses and gunshot wounds in ChicagoCrandall, Marie; Kucybala, Karolina; A, B; Behrens, Jess; S, M; Schwulst, Steven; Esposito, Thomas
medicine article j (97).pdf.jpg2015Impact of gender and body surface area on outcome after abdominal aortic aneurysm repairMatyal, Robina; Shakil, Omair; Hess, Philip E; Lo, Ruby; Jainandunsing, Jayant S; Mahmood, Bilal; A, B; Hartman, Greg S; Schermerhorn, Marc L; Mahmood, Feroze
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 6 June (17).pdf.jpg2016Influence of preoperative magnetic resonance imaging on the surgical management of breast cancer patientsParsyan, Armen; Moldoveanu, Dan; Balram, Bhairavi; Wong, Stephanie; Dong, David; Zhang, Qi; Svadzian, Anita; A, B; Allard-coutu, Alexandra; Delisle, Megan; Mesurolle, Benoit; Meterissian, Sarkis
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 2 August (8).pdf.jpg2016Injury to the conduction system : management of life-threatening arrhythmias after penetrating cardiac traumaJhunjhunwala, Rashi; A, B; Dente, Christopher J; Keeling, William Brent; Prest, Phillip J; O, D; Dougherty, Stacy D; Gelbard, Rondi B; Long, William B; Nicholas, Jeffrey M; S, M; Morse, Bryan C
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 4 April (18).pdf.jpg2016Laparoscopic antrectomy : a safe and definitive treatment in managing type 1 gastric carcinoidsJenny, Hillary E; Ogando, Paul A; Fujitani, Kenji; A, B; Warner, Richard R P; Divino, Celia M
2016 AJS Volume 12 Issue 6 December (13).pdf.jpg2016Outcomes in elderly fall victims : what happens after hospital discharge ?Larson, Lance M; D, M; Sliter, Robert; D, M; Helmer, Stephen D; Ph, D; Reyes, Jared; Ed, M; Crawford, Greg; A, B; Haan, James M; D, M
2016 AJS Volume 212 Issue 1 July (6).pdf.jpg2016Patient reported outcomes after incisional hernia repair d establishing the ventral hernia recurrence inventoryBaucom, Rebeccah B; Ousley, Jenny; S, B; Feurer, Irene D; Beveridge, Gloria B; A, B; Pierce, Richard A; Holzman, Michael D; H, M P; Sharp, Kenneth W; Poulose, Benjamin K; H, M P
2016 AJS Volume 211 Issue 4 April (27).pdf.jpg2016Postdischarge complications following nonoperative management of blunt splenic injuryFreitas, Gil; Olufajo, Olubode A; Hammouda, Khaled; Lin, Elissa; A, B; Cooper, Zara; Havens, Joaquim M; Askari, Reza; Salim, Ali
medicine article j (66).pdf.jpg2015Prediction models of Medicare 90-day postdischarge deaths , readmissions , and costs in bowel operationsFry, Donald E; Pine, Michael; A, M B; Locke, David; Pine, Gregory; A, B